Valuation Coverage offered by College Muscle Movers protects your items during your move

Valuation Coverage

While we take great care to ensure your personal items are not damaged, there is an inherent risk of damage to items associated with moving. In order to mitigate this risk, we offer several affordable valuation coverage plans.

Valuation Coverage offered by College Muscle Movers protects your items during your move
College Muscle Movers prevents damage through training, padding and wrapping, and securing in the truck

No matter how many precautions are taken, damage can still occur during any move.

Protect your items at the level that’s right for you.

We offer the following valuation coverage plans. The payouts for any damage to your items that we cause is determined by the item’s weight and your selected level of protection.

MN Required

The Minnesota Department of Transportation requires that all licensed professional moving companies provide a basic valuation coverage at no extra cost to the customer. This state-required option covers your personal items at $0.60 per pound in the case of loss or damage. If you opt not to purchase additional coverage there will still be some form of compensation in the case of loss or damage.


Economy Protection

Cost: $15
Coverage Rate: $2 / lb
Deductible: $100

Extended Protection

Cost: $30
Coverage Rate: $2 / lb
Deductible: $50

Premium Protection

Cost: $75
Coverage Rate: $4 / lb
Deductible: $100

Elite Protection

Cost: $150
Coverage Rate: $4 / lb
Deductible: $50

Replacement Coverage

Replacement coverage depends on the declared value of your items. Interested in this option? Contact our Moving Consultants for more information.


Basic Equation

We take the weight of the damaged item, multiply it by your coverage rate, and subtract your deductible. Look at the examples below.

Example #1

Customer purchases Premium Coverage for $75. The fabric on their 135 lb. couch is torn by a hand railing when going down the stairs.

(135 lb. x $4) – $100 = $440 Payout

Example #2

Customer selects MN Required coverage. Their 40 lb. coffee table gets cracked in the back of the truck during transportation.

40 lb. x $0.60 = $34 Payout

Why based on weight?

Other companies claim to offer full replacement options. The reality of these options rarely lines up with customer expectations. More often than not, our competitors do NOT compensate you to replace your item.

We wanted to be more honest and transparent in our approach. We also wanted to be able to offer payouts quickly. While we do offer a full replacement option, the process to determine payout can be convoluted and the best option is often to have an item repaired.

With our weight-based approach, you almost immediately have a good idea of how you will be compensated and you can even have that compensation applied to your final bill before your service is completed.

If you are interested in hearing more about our full replacement plan, please speak with one of our Moving Consultants.

What about items that cost a lot, but don't weigh a lot?

In looking at the information we’ve collected over the years is that most items that don’t weigh much, but are worth a lot are often times TVs, lamps, and art. These items do NOT travel well in the back of our vehicles.

We recommend that any items that fall into this category be moved in a personal vehicle. Our Muscle Movers will happily load and secure the items in your personal vehicle. Alternatively, we offer various products for purchase and rental that can provide additional protection for such items, if a personal vehicle is not an option.

When do I select my valuation coverage?

On the day of your service, during the initial paperwork, our Service Lead will ask you which option you would like to select.

How does valuation coverage work for storage services?

If you are using our storage service, you can purchase valuation coverage that extends from your load service, through your time in our storage, all the way through your unload service for twice the cost of any plan. So, if you’d like to purchase Extended Protection for your storage service, you would purchase it for $60 on your load service and then it extends through your unload service. 

Is valuation coverage the same as insurance?

Valuation coverage is similar to insurance in a lot of ways, but is not quite the same.

With insurance you purchase a policy, pay a premium and that covers your items up to a certain limit. It also can cover damages or loss due to a range of causes – from acts of God to negligence.

Valuation coverage, on the other hand, pays out at an agreed upon rate or amount and is only enforceable if the damage or loss is found to be caused by the movers.

Professional Moving Companies are not legally allowed to sell insurance.

You can however purchase moving insurance from various other organizations, which we recommend if you are especially concerned about the safety of your items.