Packing Services

A Keepsake PCO employee using packing glassware into a box for moving

Leave packing to the experts at Keepsake PCO, our partners in the Dwell Home Services network. Keepsake has the expertise to efficiently pack even your most fragile items so they arrive at your new home in great condition.

Contact us for a free quote and discover why we are Minnesota’s #1 moving company.

Benefits of Our Packing Services


Highly Trained Packing Specialists

Keepsake’s dedicated packing teams have the expertise to prepare all your belongings with the right materials to prevent damage during your move.


Move with Less Stress

Packing an entire home or office be a stressful task. The Keepsake team handles it quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on other aspects of your move.


Save Time on Moving Day

Keepsake packing teams help stage boxes and prep loose items. This saves time and allows your movers to more quickly load up your items on the day of your move.

On-Time Guarantee logo

Our On-Time Guarantee

You’ve put a lot of planning into your move and we value your time. If we’re an hour late or more, YOU GET $100 OFF YOUR MOVE. Learn More >

Types of Packing Services We Do

Full-Service Packing logo

Full-Service Packing

We pack your entire home or office, ensuring every item is securely wrapped, boxed, and labeled. This service is ideal for those who want a hands-off experience and need everything taken care of from start to finish.

Fragile Item Packing logo

Partial Packing

If you prefer to pack some items yourself, we can help with specific areas like the kitchen, fragile items, or bulky belongings, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move while we handle delicate items.

Specialty Packing logo

Specialty Packing

Certain items require special attention and care. Our team is trained to pack and protect valuables, antiques, artwork, electronics, and other high-value or fragile items.

How to Improve Your Move

Looking to make your packing and moving experience even easier? We offer additional services that can take the stress out of your move.

A sofa that needs to be disposed of before moving

Furniture Disposal

Get rid of unwanted items with our furniture disposal service. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and disposal, so you can enjoy a clutter-free space.

A person using a spackle knife to patch a wall before moving out

Home Repair Services

Our home repair service handles all kinds of fixes and maintenance before you move, ensuring your property is in top condition.

Two Keepsake PCO staff members deep cleaning a kitchen

Cleaning Services

Check another item off your to-do list with expert move-in/move-out deep cleaning services, offered by our partners at Keepsake PCO.

Get Moving Supplies

Just looking for packing supplies? We’ve got everything you need. Pick your supplies up at our warehouse in St. Paul or have them delivered at your convenience. Save even more money with our discounts, where the more you spend the more you save!

A reusable plastic box with sturdy handles and a self-sealing lid

Muscle Boxes

$2.50 each
Get 15 free when you book a move! Weather-proof and stackable, with sturdy handles.

A cardboard box for a flat screen TV

TV Protection

$15 – $50
Rent our hard-sided TV Road Case or purchase a cardboard TV box.

A wardrobe box filled with clothes for moving

Wardrobe Boxes

$5 each
Save time and keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Day-of-move rental.

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