Our On-Time Guarantee

We promise to start your move within an hour of the scheduled time or you get $100 off.

If we're an hour late or more, you get $100 off

It’s simple.

We value your time and take our commitment to service seriously.

When you hire movers you have a lot riding on them.

Not only does it cost a lot of money, but most moves take careful planning and coordination of many parts. You may be planning around deadlines for when you have to be out of your current home or into your new one. You may be taking off work, or relying on other people or parties. No matter the case, your time is important.

So why does an On-Time Guarantee have a 1 hour grace period?

Every move we do involves many variables outside of our control. We gather as much information ahead of time as possible to ensure our time estimates are as accurate as possible. But if an elevator is out of service and our movers need to use the stairs or if a crew gets stuck in traffic, then they may get delayed. When that happens, teamwork and communication help us deploy extra resources to make sure YOU don’t bear the consequences of that.

No exceptions, no fine print. If your service starts 60 minutes late, $100 is automatically deducted from your final bill.

We won’t ask you to do any haggling with a claims department and you won’t have to wait at all to see your money back. The deduction will be applied when you get your final invoice at the completion of your move.

Our guarantee applies to all services except those that are part of our business partnerships, which have special scheduling arrangements, and any segments of long-distance moves that are managed and executed by a third party moving team.

Don’t take that to mean we’ll show up 59 minutes late.

We’re an experienced moving company with a proven track record.

Over 90%
of our services start within 30 minutes of the scheduled time

We expect our crews to show up at the scheduled start time, with a courtesy call in advance. Surprises on your moving day are hardly ever fun. We review and plan for every move in detail. Our moving teams combine experience and adaptability, trained to strategize and problem-solve to keep your service moving forward. That way your moving day can go the way you planned it.

Many moving companies give you a wide arrival window to begin with. Some companies even overbook their calendars to maximize profits and then cancel on you at the last moment. In over 15 years of operating we’ve never done that and we never will. Contact us today and let us show you our commitment to delivering a great experience!