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Just the Muscle

We recognize that sometimes you simply need some strong helping hands to get something smaller done or you maybe want to rent your own truck. Our Just the Muscle service is our most versatile offering and a great solution to help with any project.

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Got a project? We can help!

We can load your items and boxes into PODs or a rented truck

Load Only

If you’re moving cross-country or just want help with half the move, we can load your belongings into PODs or a rented truck that you provide.

We can unload your items after a long-distance move

Unload Only

Coming in from out of town? Our Muscle Movers can unload your items into your new residence, help with reassembly and get your furniture in the right spots.

a rental moving truck

Load & Unload

There are some situations where it may not make sense to use our trucks. In those cases, you drive the truck, we’ll do the padding, wrapping and lifting.

Moving within an apartment building

Internal Move

Just the Muscle is a great option to help you move from one unit to another in the same building, get heavy furniture out of the way to prepare for renovations, or haul unwanted items to the curb for pick-up.

A large refrigerator

Unique Item

Need help getting a treadmill, gun safe, refrigerator or otherwise heavy item into your home? Work with our Moving Consultants to understand how our Just The Muscle service can serve you.

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...Many More

Everyday customers are finding new ways to utilize our professionally-trained Muscle Movers for their projects. If you don’t see the type of help we have listed here, reach out via our Request Form to start a conversation with our Moving Consultants.


On-Time Guarantee

Our On-Time Guarantee

If we’re an hour late or more, you get $100 back.

We’re an experienced moving company that you can count on. We back it up with our On-Time Guarantee.

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