Responsible Furniture Removal

Do you have unwanted furniture items or appliances? Moving is the perfect time to get rid them and we can help! Let us responsibly dispose or donate those items for you. Give your new residence a fresh start!


Furniture items being recycled or responsibly disposed of by College Muscle Movers

What makes it responsible?


Our goal is to limit unnecessary waste and the impact it can have on our community. To do that we aim to keep your item out of the landfill.


That process starts by trying to find a new home for your item. Some items get re-used by our Muscle Movers, others get taken to a consignment shop or thrift store. Not all items are able to find a new home, so our next step is to find another way to make sure your items are recycled or reused. Often this means scrapping the piece for metal or coordinating with Tech Dump, a neighboring business, to reclaim reusable materials from old electronics.

 The removal fee covers the cost to go through these steps and minimize our collective environmental impact.


An unwanted arm chair being recycled by College Muscle Movers

Basic Items

$60 First Item
$40 per Add’l Item


An unwanted appliance being recycled by College Muscle Movers


$85 per Item


An unwanted mattress being disposed of by College Muscle Movers

Mattress & Box Spring

$70 per Item


Electronics being recycled by College Muscle Movers


Prices Vary



Some items have unique recycling costs. As for electronics, the prices vary because certain electronics require additional care in making sure they are disposed of safely. For more information, please call or email to discuss your items with our Moving Consultants.