Half the Effort - Half the Moving

Using a standard storage facility means you have to load items into a truck at your home, drive to the storage facility, then unload the items there. And, if you rent your own truck to do this, you have to return the truck. If you hire a professional moving company, that additional time means additional cost. With our specialty trucks, we load your items straight into the same storage units they will sit in, in our warehouse. If ever you need all your items unloaded at one time, we can drive your units to you and unload them.

Storage comparison


1We load empty vaults into our specially-designed Vault Truck.

2We pad, wrap and load your items into our vaults.


We drive the vaults back to our warehouse for storage.

4When you’re ready, we load your vaults into our truck.


We drive the vaults to your location.


We unload your items, placing them safely in your space.


Our Vault Truck

Our specially-designed vault truck can hold up to 5 of our vaults. It has side doors allowing access to each vault individually by way of a detachable ramp. These features allow us to efficiently load your items directly into your storage units, which are then transported back to our warehouse for long-term or short-term storage.

Storage Vault | College Muscle Movers

Our Vaults

Our vaults, or portable storage units, are 7' x 5' x 7' making them comparable in size to the smallest units available at most storage facilities. They are accessible from all for sides and easily loaded into and out of our specialty vault trucks with a forklift or pallet jack.

Your Storage Needs Aren't Always Static

Only pay for the space you need, when you need it. With our 7' x 5' x 7' vaults you can avoid a longer term contract on a 10' x 20' unit and instead only pay for the space you're using. Not to mention, after a 2-week minimum storage charge, your vaults are pro-rated to the day. Why pay for a whole month when you only need the first few days?

Always the Closest Unit

Like any brick-and-mortar storage option, you will have the ability to access your items while in storage. When you call to let us know you'll want access, we will place your vaults to near a ramped entrance to our warehouse. That means you don't have to weave your way through a maze of halls, use elevators, or carry items 100 yards to collect something from or place something in storage.

Extra Protection for Your Items

As is standard with any of our moving services, we pad and wrap your items before transporting them. In the case that you are using our storage, your items will sit in our storage space with extra protection, meaning there's less chance your items get scratched or damaged if anything shifts on the drive or while it's in storage.

Competitive Pricing

There are many advantages to using our Vault Storage, as you'll find described elsewhere on this page. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this storage option is that it doesn't come at a premium. You get all the perks, but pay similar rates to what you would find at nearby brick-and-mortar facilities

How Many Vaults Will I Need?

Our Moving Consultants are happy to help you through that process. Otherwise, for a general idea, use our guide below.

Studio Apartment = 1 - 2 Vaults
1 Bedroom = 2 - 3 Vaults
2 Bedrooms = 3 - 5 Vaults
3 Bedrooms = 5 - 8 Vaults (on-site estimate recommended)
4 Bedrooms = 7 - 10 Vaults (on-site estimate recommended)

What If Something Doesn’t Fit?

Occasionally, we’ll come across an item that does not easily fit into our Vaults. In these cases, we wrap the items with our durable shrink wrap, label them and place them on a rack in another section of our warehouse. In the industry, this is commonly referred to as racking.

Our Warehouse

Our climate-controlled warehouse is centrally-located in the Hamline-Midway Neighborhood. That puts us pretty much right between Minneapolis and St. Paul, making it easy for you to stop by if you need to collect something from your vault.

NOTE: If you’d like to collect a particular item from your vault, give us a call at (651) 917-4108, so we’re able to have your vault(s) down and ready for you. We usually need one-hour notice.

Got Your Own Truck?

You are able to drop items off and pick items up without utilizing our Vault Truck. We can even provide our Just the Muscle service to accommodate storage as well.

About Our Billing

We have a two-week minimum and then pro-rate to day after that, meaning you maintain the maximum amount of flexibility with the storage of your items.

Please CALL for Pricing and Availability