Preparing for a move can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the moving process, that's why College Muscle Movers offers a wide variety of service to help minimize that stress. From staging your home using what you already have or helping you declutter, all the way to helping you pack your items into boxes days before you move, we're always happy to help.


Packing & Unpacking

Our packing service can be used in many different ways, from packing everything in your house to simply finishing off what you have not completed. We can also stage some of the boxes and wrap some bigger items so that when the moving truck arrives we can be as efficient as possible. Furthermore, our Muscle Movers and Space Experts are experienced in helping you unpack those boxes to set-up your new space to make it feel like home a little sooner.


Use-What-You-Have Staging

Whether you've just put your house on the market, are preparing to, or you've already sold, our experts know how to get your space ready for photos or any open house. Currently we specialize in using what you currently own to highlight the beauty of your home. We will rearrange, reorganize and possibly even bring items to our storage to set your home up right!



It's pretty easy to collect a lot of "stuff" throughout our lives. And, eventually that "stuff" either becomes something extra to haul from one home to the next OR we find ourselves stressed when we realize we may need to let go of some of it. So, don't do it alone! Our Space Experts have a wealth of experience in helping individuals downsize and declutter - and what better time to go through your things than when you're preparing for a move?!


About our Billing:

The hourly billing for our services begins when we arrive at the starting location and ends after all services have been completed to your satisfaction - either at a single location or if we need to travel to other destinations. Once our hourly minimum has been satisfied we will round the billing to the next quarter hour. Because we only charge hourly while on location, we maintain a one-time flat trip charge. This helps cover the cost of fuel, vehicles, insurance and Muscle Movers' time while traveling to and from your location. The flat trip charge is based on your location(s) and can be calculated for you by one of our moving consultants. Contact us today!