Truck Service

College Muscle Movers offers a wide variety of services ranging from moving one or two items within a single location to loading a truck for a cross-country move to moving from one 4-bedroom home to another. With so many options, deciding what service is right for you can seem overwhelming. That's where we come in.


  • Honest, Straight-Forward Pricing

  • No Smoke Breaks or Back Aches

  • Specific Start Times

  • Budget-Conscious Options


Use the tool below to better understand what service is best for you, or give us a call. We're always happy to help!

Do You Need a Truck?


Our Muscle + Truck Service includes a 26’ moving truck as well as everything we will need to complete your move efficiently and safely. Click HERE for more information!

We also have Sprinter Van option for smaller moves involving 1-3 items. Call to learn more!


Our Just The Muscle Service is great for loading and unloading, or moving things within your home or office. As always, this service requires only a 1-hour minimum, making Just The Muscle the perfect option for smaller jobs! Click HERE for more information!

Not Sure Yet

If you're not quite sure, give us a call! Our Moving Consultants are more than happy to discuss the options and provide the best solution for your move.

How Large is Your Space?

1-2 Bedrooms

For spaces this size, we typically recommend our 2 Muscle Mover services, whether it be Just the Muscle or Muscle + Truck.

With a large inventory list, a time-sensitive move or a speciality item, we might recommend/require adding more Muscle Movers, which does effect the hourly rate.

3+ Bedrooms

In most cases, we recommend an in-home estimate for spaces larger than 2 bedrooms. This allows us to fully understand the move and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Call today today to schedule an in-home estimate.

Note: In some cases, there will be a fee associated with our in-home estimates. If you decide to book with us, any fee incurred for the in-home estimate would be credited toward the total cost of your service.

I'm moving items from a storage facility

Each storage unit and facility is different, which can sometimes complicate these types of services. The best way to get an idea of cost will be to reach out to one of our Moving Consultants who can provide an estimate based on the details of the service. Contact us today!

I'm only moving a few items

College Muscle Movers' 1-hour minimum on certain services is the lowest around, making our services ideal for moving a small amount of items.

Do You Need Help Packing?


We're more than happy to help. Learn more about our Packing Service. Please note, for all packing services, we prefer to do an on-site estimate.

Not Sure Yet

Our Packing Service can be used in many different ways, from packing everything in your house to simply finishing off what you have not completed. We can also stage some of the boxes and wrap some bigger items so that when the moving truck arrives your movers can be as efficient as possible. Either way, hiring us for this part of your move can greatly decrease the stress associated with moving.

Do You Need Moving Supplies?


Great! We offer a variety of moving supplies to help your move go as smoothly as possible. When it comes to boxes, we favor our sturdy, easy-to-stack Muscle Boxes.

Not Sure Yet

There are a lot of things to consider when moving. College Muscle Movers offers a variety of moving supplies for rental and purchase, and we'll even deliver the supplies directly to your home (at an extra cost), if you'd like. We'd love to share any information that might be helpful.

Will You Need Help Moving a Piano or Another Oversized/Speciality Item?

Yes, a piano

While we are not specifically a piano moving company, we are able to move most pianos.

That said, we will need some additional information about the piano and the path it will need to take in order to determine our ability to assist you.

When moving pianos, we charge an additional piano-handling fee and require at least 3 Muscle Movers.

Yes, another oversized/speciality item

With any item that exceeds 300 lbs, we may require additional movers.

In some cases, there will an additional fee for handling specialty items such as gun safes.

Is Part of Your Move Happening Outside of MN?


Currently we do not offer our Muscle + Truck option for services starting or ending outside the state of Minnesota.

That being said, we are always excited to help our customers with some very budget friendly alternatives that utilize our Just the Muscle Service.

Contact one of our moving consultants to discuss different ways that we can help with your move