Our Policies

It is extremely important to us that our customers understand our policies. We understand how frustrating it can be and how unfair it can feel when a company informs you of a policy you didn’t realize you signed off on and now you aren’t getting what you expected.

For that reason, we aim to be as upfront as possible about all of our policies. Not only do we have them listed below, but they are listed at various points during the paperwork you receive / sign off on. Don’t worry, they aren’t pages and pages of legal jargon. Additionally, most will be covered by our staff, whether it be our Moving Consultants or our Muscle Movers. If you have any questions, please reach out.

An Order for Service contract used by College Muscle Movers

Deposit Policy

We require a retainer that is equal to the minimum service fee plus the one-time travel fee in order to secure a reservation on our calendar. We consider the retainer payment a mutual promise between us and our customers; we promise to be 100% committed to you, and we reasonably expect that you intend to use our services or notify us of cancellation within an appropriate amount of time.

The retainer is fully refundable with at least three (3) days notice of cancellation. Within three (3) days of your reservation you may still reschedule your move for a $50 reschedule fee, subject to our availability, and your retainer will transfer with your new reservation. The retainer becomes non-transferable within 24 hours of your reservation because, by that point, we have most likely lost the ability to reschedule a new customer in place of your reservation.

The retainer fee is due upon securing your reservation and will be paid via an online invoice which you receive via email and can be paid with a credit card or via ACH.

Assembly Liability

For liability reasons, our Muscle Movers are not able to disassemble or reassemble bunk beds, cribs, appliances or exercise equipment.

As a separate service, we can arrange for our handyman to come out to help with that type of assembly as well as mounting or dismounting TVs from TV stands or walls.

Parking Fee Policy

Should your service require a fee for parking our moving vehicles a reasonable distance from your location, the cost of said fees will be included on the final invoice for your service.

We recommend communicating ahead of time with either our Sales or Operations team about the most cost-effective and efficient parking options.

Mattress Bag Policy

All mattresses and box springs must be in a mattress bag to be handled and transported by our team. You can purchase mattress bags from us or you can provide your own. Just know that if you provide your own and it rips during handling our Muscle Movers will attempt to repair it with tape. If it rips a second time we will require the use of a mattress bag provided by College Muscle Movers.

This policy protects the health and cleanliness of our trucks, employees and all our customers’ belongings.


Storage charges are usually post-billed. You will receive an invoice on the last day of each month for storage services rendered during that month.

There are a few other events that trigger a separate invoice to be sent:

• When your load service is complete you will receive an invoice for your first 2 weeks of storage. Because this is our minimum billing length, this charge is pre-billed. 

• If the amount of space you are renting changes, an invoice is sent for that month’s storage services rendered up to the date of the change. Then you will receive the typical end-of-month invoice for storage used after the change.

• When your unload date is 15 days away or less you will receive an invoice that pre-bills for as yet unpaid days between then and your unload. This is to ensure that all storage bills are paid fully prior to your unload service.

Estimate / Inventory Policy

Estimates we provide for services are just that, an estimate. And, we’re pretty accurate when we get all the information we need. But, we are only as accurate as the information we receive.

Changes to inventory or location details, can greatly impact the amount of time required to complete a service, and therefore the cost of the service. The customer is ultimately responsible for such variables.

In the event of changes to the service, we retain the right to make changes on the day of service that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Limiting the load of items to what is reasonable and manageable for the time estimated
  • Scheduling another service to complete the move
  • Adding additional Muscle Movers
  • Replacing Muscle Movers
  • Holding items overnight and unloading the next day

TV Policy

Without the original packaging or something similarly suited to protecting your TV, the backs of our trucks are not particularly hospitable to their safe transport.

If the item needs to be moved in our vehicle, we ask that customer rent a TV protection kit from us or they provide original packaging.

The best (and cheapest option) is moving your TV in your personal vehicle. And, we’re happy to help load and unload it from your vehicle.

Particle Board Policy

If furniture made of particle board is still assembled when we’re moving it, it is not eligible for a damage claim.

Such furniture is great when it’s in your home and being used as intended. But, once we start carrying it longer distances, loading it into our truck and stack items around it, it can break easily.

We recommend disassembling particle board furniture before we arrive onsite for your service, so we are able to safely transport it to your new location.

Load Only Policy

When a customer provides the vehicle for transporting items, we will offer advice on how that vehicle is loaded. We will pad and protect items, and arrange and secure the load to the best of our abilities. However, we cannot offer any liability protection for damage that may occur during transportation as we do not have control over the load or how it is handled after our service has concluded.

Credit Card Fees

An additional 3.4% processing fee is assessed by credit card companies on all credit and debit card transactions. As much as we hate extra fees, we have no control over this one. You can avoid this fee by paying with cash or check.

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest when it comes to pricing so we don’t want this fee to come as a surprise. Our Moving Consultants will make sure you are fully aware of how the fee will affect your bill if you choose to pay with a card.