A College Muscle Movers truck performing moving services in the Twin Cities

Muscle + Truck

Moving can be stressful. That’s what makes our Muscle + Truck service such a good option. We take care of the truck, padding, wrapping, securing, transporting and unloading on moving day. But, before all of that, we work with you to determine the best plan. We know everyone’s needs are a little different and no two moves are the same.

A College Muscle Movers truck performing moving services in the Twin Cities

Small to Big Moves

Single furniture items being moved by College Muscle Movers

Single-Item Move

Buying furniture or a large item on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or from the store and need help getting it home? No service is too small!

Items from a small apartment being moved by College Muscle Movers in Minneapolis

Small Apartment

Need help with a smaller move from a Studio, Dorm, 1-Bedroom? Our professionally-trained Muscle Movers are ready to help! 

A large house that is being moved by College Muscle Movers in Woodbury, MN

Large Home

The larger the move, the more variables there are. That’s why we recommend on-site estimates or virtual walkthroughs for 3-bedroom homes or larger. The more we know, the better we can set you up to have a successful, smooth service.

An office building that is being moved to another location by College Muscle Movers


Moving an entire office is no small feat. It requires planning and coordination. That’s where we come in. Our Senior Relocation Strategist will work with you to get a clear scope of the project, and prepare an action plan – complete with a personalized and accurate estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions about moving services

Plan Your Move Like a Pro

Use our printable Moving Readiness Guide for expert recommendations about how and when to prepare your home and items. Check each step off to set yourself up for a successful move!



Our Muscle Movers arrive, introduce themselves and while the service lead goes over the initial paperwork the other Muscle Movers will begin prepping items. Once the paperwork is complete, they do a walkthrough of your space with you to get a better understanding of your project.


After the initial paperwork and a walkthrough, our Muscle Movers will continue to prep items that need to be prepped and start loading the back of our truck. During this stage the Muscle Movers will check in regularly.


Once all the items on your inventory list are loaded and secured, our Muscle Movers will transport the load to your other location(s) and begin unloading and placing items. Once the service is complete, we will ask for a few more signatures and payment.

About Our Billing

Our services are charged at an hourly rate, but also include a one-time travel fee.

The hourly rate starts when our Muscle Movers arrive at your first location and stops when they are finished with your service. This means the time between your two locations will be billed at our hourly rate.

The one-time travel fee is calculated ahead of time, communicated during your booking conversation, and is based on the miles our crew will need to travel on the road to get out to your first location and back from your final location. With our crews travelling all over the state, this is the fairest option we’ve come up with. We don’t want you paying more money for travel because the service before yours happened to finish in Duluth or they got caught in traffic.

Can I Ride in the Truck?

For liability reasons we are not able to provide transportation for any customers. 

What If Something Doesn't Fit?

Aside from a car, it’s rare we come across anything that doesn’t fit in our trucks. During all booking conversations we require an inventory and our experienced Moving Consultants will ask any additional questions necessary, if one of your items might cause any difficulty.

The inventory list is our best tool for setting your service up for success, both for the sake of understanding the quantity of items as well as the size and difficulty of your items.

What If I Have My Own Truck?

If you are looking for a service that allows you to provide the transportation for your items, you will want to look at our Just the Muscle option.

If you would like to use one of our trucks and one of your own, please just communicate that to our Moving Consultants. They should be able to work through the important details with you regarding a situation like that.

Do You Have a Minimum?

Our Muscle + Truck option has a 2-hour minimum. We have an alternative, smaller-vehicle option for smaller services with a 1-hour minimum, but our availability for that type of service is limited. 

What If I Have Multiple Stops?

That’s totally fine! Please just communicate it to your Moving Consultant so they can include the information in the notes to our Muscle Movers and make sure to consider those details in putting together your estimate. We do services that involve more than 2 locations often.

Can You Hold My Items for a Few Hours? Overnight?

Overnight holds are no stranger for us. We have a unique storage option that allows us to easily accomodate services that require we hold items over night.

As for situations that require we hold your items for a few hours during a home closing or something similiar, our solutions vary based on our schedule on that particular day. It’s certainly something we can accomodate, but it’s best to discuss directly with our Moving Consultants.

Will You Help Me Pack?

Putting items into boxes is primarily reserved for our packing service. However, if some amount of packing is discussed and agreed upon during your booking conversation, we can help with some simple packing during a Muscle + Truck service.

If our Muscle Movers arrive to find that you need help packing items they were not expecting to pack, it will impact the expected service time and may result in our Muscle Movers either not being able to move all the items on your inventory list, or our Muscle Movers not being able to help pack.

Parking Around Me Is Difficult

We’ve had the luxury of parking our trucks on mile-long gravel driveways and overcome the congestion of downtown parking many times.

If any of your locations require our Muscle Movers to use street parking and you know that street is particularly hard to find a nearby spot for a car, let alone a 26′ box truck, we recommend reaching out to the local authorities to have meters hooded or temporary no parking signs placed. For your convenience, here is a link to information pertinent to Minneapolis and St. Paul streets.


On-Time Guarantee

Our On-Time Guarantee

If we’re an hour late or more, you get $100 back.

We’re an experienced moving company that you can count on. We back it up with our On-Time Guarantee.