Muscle Boxes

Only $1.50 / Box*

Muscle Boxes are an efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. Pack all your items in these clean, durable and secure totes. They pack great and they stack great.

What Makes Them Great

4-Week Rental

You can rent them for longer, but the base price includes a 4-week rental which sould provide plenty of time for you to complete your move AND not have to worry about what to do with ALL THAT CARDBOARD at the end.

No Assembly Required

Save yourself the trouble of building cardboard boxes. When you aren’t using them, they conveniently nest and don’t take up space. When you need them, they are ready to go!

Tape-Free Interlocking Lid

The interlocking lid means your items stay safe without having to use half a roll of tape to be sure of it.

Weather Resistant

No mushy boxes here. If it’s raining, snowing or some one spills you can rest easy knowing the contents are dry and the structural integrity hasn’t been compromised. 

Puncture Proof

Even a perfectly loaded truck has some movement as you’re driving to your unload. The hard shell of our Muscle Boxes makes sure that doesn’t mean something stabs through and breaks the contents of one of your boxes.

Sturdy Handles

Easy-to-grip handles that don’t rip means the likelihood of a box getting dropped is much, much lower.


Our Muscle Boxes can stack up to 6 high without any concern for the bottom box collapsing into itself and crushing it’s contents. 


19.8″ x 13.8″ x 11.8″ (1.8 Cu. Ft.)

How to Get Them

Call to place an order with our Moving Consultants or use our Packing Kit Builder to order online. Then you can pick them up yourself or have us deliver them.

Make It Simple

We can deliver your Muscle Boxes and collect them when you’re finished.

Easy on The Wallet

Pick-up and drop off your Muscle Boxes at your convenience for no additional cost.

*Sales Tax Not Included

Sustainable Moving

According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40 million Americans move each year. That’s billions of boxes and a lot of cardboard and packing tape entering the waste stream.

According to the EPA over 13% of our landfills are made up of paper products like cardboard. By using Muscle Boxes you can reduce the impact your move has on the environment.