How Valuation Coverage Works

While we take great care to ensure your personal items are not damaged, there is an inherent risk of damage to items associated with moving. In order to mitigate this risk, we have two valuation coverage plans available to our customers. This allows customers to choose the best option for their needs.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation requires that all licensed professional moving companies provide a basic valuation coverage at no extra cost to the customer. This state-mandated option covers your personal items at $0.60 per pound in the case of loss or damage. Many other moving companies accept this option as their basic, free coverage.

While our two coverage options function the same way, we believe the mandated-minimum does not adequately cover your items. Learn more about our options below.


On all of our truck services, at no extra cost to you College Muscle Movers provide TWICE the state-mandated minimum. With one of the lowest claims rates in Minnesota, we're able to offer better free coverage than our competitors. Instead of getting $.60/lb. for your damaged personal items, you get $1.20. Look at the examples below to better understand.

NOTE: Due to the shared liability on most labor-only services, we do not offer our free, Better-Than-Basic valuation coverage, and instead honor the state-mandated minimum. 

Electronics Plus

We recognize that even our Better-Than-Basic option doesn’t cover items like flat screen TVs as well as you might hope. That’s why, for an additional $80, we offer our Electronics Plus coverage. With this option, not only are your household items covered at $3.00/lb., your flat-screen electronics are covered at $15.00/lb.

NOTE: Our Electronic Plus option on Labor-Only services only covers household items at $2.00/lb., and flat-screen electronics at $10.00/lb.

Example #1

Example #2


If damage does occur, and you would like to file a claim, the claim will be resolved through cash settlement as described above. This allows you to pursue repair, replacement or use the resolution in whatever way you see fit.