We require a retainer that is equal to the minimum service fee plus the flat travel fee in order to secure a reservation on our calendar. We consider the retainer payment a mutual promise between us and our customers; we promise to be 100% committed to you, and we reasonably expect that you intend to use our services or notify us of cancellation within an appropriate amount of time.

The retainer is fully refundable with at least three (3) days notice of cancellation. Within three (3) days of your reservation you may still reschedule your move, subject to our availability, and your retainer will transfer with your new reservation. The retainer becomes non-transferable within 24 hours of your reservation because, by that point, we have most likely lost the ability to reschedule a new customer in place of your reservation.

The retainer fee is due upon securing your reservation and can be paid over the phone with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. We can also accept check or cash mailed or delivered to our office but prefer a credit card if available.