Sturdy Moving Boxes

Our rentable Muscle Box totes offer a convenient, durable, and eco-friendly alternative that traditional cardboard boxes cannot match. Learn more below and be sure to check out our convenient bundles to start saving time and money on your move.


Our MuscleBox totes feature easy-to-grip handles that won’t rip or tear, reinforced, interlocking lids that allow for easy stacking and nesting and a uniform size allows for the most effective use of space in a moving truck. We’ll even drop-off and pick-up your rental!


Made of sturdy and tough plastic, our MuscleBox totes can stack up to six high without any concern for the safety of your items within. And, no need to worry about the weather, our MuscleBox totes are water-resistant, and maintain their integrity even after encountering rain, sleet, or snow.


According to the EPA, cardboard and paper account for more than a quarter of all landfill material in the US. By making use of our reusable MuscleBox totes, you can limit the environmental impact of your move as well as simplify the process of packing - no need to buy packing tape, or spend time assembling traditional cardboard boxes.

MuscleBox Dimensions: 19.8" x 13.8" x 11.8" (1.8 Cu. Ft.), about the size of a medium cardboard box.

Contact us for questions, additional rental durations, larger quantities or to schedule your MuscleBox delivery.

25 Muscle Box Bundle


25 Muscle Boxes is a great place to start with those packing up a studio or 1-bedroom apartment. A wonderful supplement to any other supplies you've already collected for you move.


$84.00 / 1 Month ($3.36/Box)

Delivery/Pick-up included within 15 miles of our warehouse.

50 Muscle Box Bundle


Looking to pack up a 2-bedroom space or have lots of smaller items to protect during your move? A set of 50 Muscle Boxes will suit you well. 


$136.00 / 1 Month ($2.72/Box)

Delivery/Pick-up included within 15 miles of our warehouse.

75 Muscle Box Bundle


At $188.00 for 75 MuscleBoxes, our 75 Muscle Box Bundle is great deal! Ask about larger quantities if you have large storage areas or additional living spaces that need to be packed!


$188.00 / 1 Month ($2.50/Box)

Delivery/Pick-up included within 15 miles of our warehouse.

Individual Pricing: $3.50 / Month*
*Delivery not included for individual rental below bundle quantities.

Call to place an order: 1-800-818-8449 or (651) 917-4108