COVID-19 Policies

Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. Like everyone else, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. It’s important that we digest the information and guidance available, and consider how to best serve both our customers and employees. This is especially difficult because so much of our work cannot be done remotely, but is also one that people depend on.

At this time, we are continuing to provide moving services to all of our customers with reservations and we are still actively booking services. While our Operations team will continue working for our customers, we will be taking very active steps to combat the community spread of the virus in as many areas as possible.

Wearing Masks

Our Muscle Movers, Operations Team and anyone else that is unable to work at home is required to wear a mask. We ask that our customers afford us the same respect and wear masks when interacting with our staff as well.


We remind our staff every day that onsite and in the office it’s important that we keep a safe distance from one another. Anyone working in the office has at least 10 feet between them and the next employee. Onsite, our Muscle Movers do their best to keep as much distance between themselves and our customers.

Open Communications

We regularly encourage our staff and customers to let us know if they, or anyone they know or have come in contact with recently has experienced any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Any Muscle Mover or employee that expresses symptoms is tested before returning back to work. If a customer has symptoms, we will work with them to find a way to ensures the safety of our crew, often times by rescheduling.

Temperature Checks

All Muscle Movers undergo a temperature check when they arrive for their shift each day. This helps ensure no crew member that arrives for your service is symptomatic.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

At every possible opportunity, we are santizing our vehicles and any equipment our crews are using onsite. The warehouse staff is prepping and sanitizing vehicles between crews and we’re always washing our hands!

Working From Home

If a member of our staff can work from home, they are. Fewer interactions means a safer experience for our employees and our customers.

No Handshakes

We typically ask our Muscle Movers to introduce themselves to a customer with a handshake onsite. At this time, we’ve asked our crews to introduce themselves at a safe distance.