Stories from the Field: US Bank Stadium

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about our Minnesota Vikings’ new home, US Bank Stadium.  Located in downtown Minneapolis, the stadium will not only host Super Bowl LLI, but hundreds of other events between now and then.  From spectacular concerts to large trade shows.  For anyone that’s been involved in organizing such an event, you are no stranger to the amount of set-up work that comes along with it.

Earlier this month, the stadium was host to the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique where over 60 businesses set up booths to showcase their brand and get a start on the holiday shopping season.  A lucky pair of our Muscle Movers got to help set up for the festive event.  Needless to say, our movers, Matt and Connor, were not only excited to help but also to see the new stadium for the first time.

While they were only hired to help set up one booth, it was no small task.  The booth was impressive not only in size, but in style as well.  Rustic wood panels were moved to the booth are and set up to create a barn; a unique shopping environment for customers.  Certainly something you would not expect to see within the modern stadium setting.  The best part? The booth had a clear view out onto the field.  On that beautiful moving day, the field was so amazing; our movers couldn’t help but take a photo before heading out after a job well done.

Our Muscle Movers always work hard to get the job done, but when the move brings you to such an unbelievable setting like the new US Bank, if definitely makes for a memorable experience.

Stories From The Field: When A Mover Falls In Love

With about 8 years of moving experience under our belts, we’ve moved a lot of odd stuff. We’ve also had some unique, unexpected experiences while on the job. This particular story doesn’t really fall into either of those categories. It isn’t an FBI sting operation, and it certainly isn’t about a man hacking his drywall with a machete for the sake of getting a couch into a basement. It is, however, a story that has yet to be repeated.

On a particularly busy summer day about 5 years ago, two of our Muscle Movers, Peter and Jake, were on their way to a service. As they neared the starting location, Peter gave the customer a call to let them know they would be arriving soon. After the brief phone call, Peter mentioned to Jake that their customer, Jo, sounded cute.

When they arrived, Peter and Jake parked the truck and were greeted by Jo. Peter was pleasantly surprised to realize she was even cuter than she sounded on the phone.

As Jake and Peter got to work carrying the larger items to the truck, Jo and her friends helped out with boxes and such. Throughout the move the group chatted and Peter started noticing that he and Jo shared a lot of hobbies like downhill skiing and tennis, among others. But it wasn’t just alike interests… there was definitely some chemistry, which both seem to have noticed.

Jo, having felt that spark, gave Peter a call about two hours after the service. He was happy to hear from her and even happier when she asked him if he’d like to get together and play tennis sometime. Shortly after, the two started dating.

Today, Peter and Jo are happily engaged and preparing for their wedding later this year.


So, there you go a heart-warming and serendipitous story to share on Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t feeling lovey-dovey, you can find the stories I mentioned earlier, here and here.

The Story of The Vengeful Tow Truck

College Muscle Movers is one of the premier moving companies in the Twin Cities area. We’ve got years of experience under our belt, and that means we’ve got the corresponding knowledge to help you complete your move as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We’ve moved during the dead of winter, and during the dog days of summer. We’ve moved in marshy swamplands and tight apartment complexes.

We move a lot, and we’d like to share some of that experience with you! Today we’ll share a short story about parking in Minnesota. One of the things people often forget to think about when they’re planning their move is logistics. Vehicle rental, parking, transportation: it’s easy to forget about these things when you’re trying to move. Parking is a particularly big one. It’s easy to forget how hard it is to find parking, especially if you’re driving around a 26-foot truck.

This is the story of the Vengeful Tow Truck.

Avoid this.
Avoid this.

It was a cold day in early spring, with chill winds and cloudy skies. The unload for the move was scheduled in Uptown, where parking is tight. The customer had borrowed a friends 4WD Subaru to use in addition to hiring CMM for the majority of the larger furniture. They’d just finished parking the Subaru with all of their necessities when the movers arrived. Lease, driver’s license, change of clothes, phone, computer: everything was neatly packed away for their first day in a new home. The movers went inside with the customer and went through the game plan: what was getting moved, where it was getting moved to, how it would be packed, etc. Standard practice.

When they went back outside, the Subaru was gone. Just missing. Turns out there was no parking on the street outside the apartment, thanks to the ever-complex rules of seasonal parking in Minneapolis. The movers finished up the unload just in time for the customer to go and retrieve their car from the impound lot. Everything turned out fine, but it was definitely a bit of a headache.

Off-street parking is a huge luxury in the Twin Cities. No one wants to deal with the snowy roads or sidewalks during the winter, and your car will fare considerably better if it’s not kept outside. Unfortunately, most people in Minneapolis will be parking on the street.

If you’re moving and planning on parking on the street for any length of time, your best bet is to contact the city (Minneapolis and St. Paul, respectively). They should be able to provide you with a reserved space. This will ensure that you don’t waste time trying to find parking, and also that you have enough room if you need to fit a huge truck into a space. The same advice holds true for apartment complexes. Try to let your apartment complex know in advance if you’ll be moving so that they can secure parking for you. This will always save you time (and sometimes money!)

Most of all, remember to stay calm while moving! It can be stressful, and you’re likely to run into the unexpected. Just do your best to prepare, and take life in stride. If the move starts becoming too much to handle, contact College Muscle Movers. We’re here to help!

Twin Cities Moves: The Musical Credenzas

As one of the top moving companies in the Twin Cities and surrounding area, we’ve conducted a lot of different moves. These range from the usual apartments and houses to storage units chock full of Halloween props. We’ve moved towering statues, and custom aquariums. We’ve seen it all, and we like to share some of our experience with you. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help you out on your next move, or give you a couple ideas on how to get out of a pickle. There are always hiccups in the moving process, and here at College Muscle Movers, we want to help you make the most of your Twin Cities move.

This is the story of the Musical Credenzas.

College Muscle Movers had been brought in for a fairly simple office job just outside of the Twin Cities. There was a little bit of remodeling, a little bit of rehiring and a little bit of promotion. That meant some offices and cubicles were getting moved around. CMM brought the muscle.

Upon arrival, the movers discovered they were moving furniture exclusively. Some desks, but mostly big metal credenzas. If you’re unfamiliar with office furniture, the credenza has a tendency to be extremely heavy. Often made out of metal, with a big wood slab slapped on top. Real monsters.

Really heavy.

Anyway, after a few hours of moving these giant credenzas from office-to-office, the HR coordinator directing the move discovered that a few employees had actually arranged to trade furniture with others. Some credenzas and desks were being split up from each other. One office worker had decided to stack two credenzas atop one another (he really needed the extra storage.)

The movers just smiled and kept moving.

At the end of the day, however, some of the credenzas had been moved to 2 or 3 different rooms before reaching their final location. There was a lull in the middle of the move when a desk had to be temporarily removed so that a rug could be taken out and put in another office. All of this after the initial credenzas and desks had been moved.

The confusion, while reasonable, caused the move to take significantly longer than it might if it had been more meticulously organized. The most important thing was to make sure everyone’s office was set up the way they needed, of course, but the whole process could have been made more efficient. Here at CMM, we do our best to plan with you or your organization. We want your move to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, especially in a busy office setting.

It’s important to remember that sometimes you’ll be thrown a curveball when you’re planning on moving (trying to orchestrate a whole intra-office move can’t be so far off from herding cats). Also remember that your moving company is there to help you! We’ll do our best to help you prepare for your Twin Cities move, whether it’s an office, an old garage, or a new three bedroom house. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Twin Cities Moves: The Muddy Mountain

As one of the premier moving companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we do a lot of Twin Cities moves. Most of these moves are pretty standard fare: couches and chairs and dressers from apartments to houses, emptying out an old storage unit or filling up a new one. But we’ve seen some unusual situations, too. That’s one of the benefits of being in the business. You see all kinds of different moves, and that means you end up with a lot of different stories. We figured it might be nice for everybody out there to get a little taste of some of things we’ve encountered, if only to help you plan your own upcoming move or feel better about weird hiccups you’ve had when you tried to move your great grand-aunt Louise into a new apartment.

This is the Story of the Muddy Mountain.


The customers scheduled the move in early summer. It was one of those misty morning Twin Cities moves, when rain threatens and the grass is wet, but the meteorologist tells everyone not to worry: there’s only a 15% chance of rain. Unfortunately, a 15% chance is still a chance.

Rain started falling well before the movers arrived. By the time they’d gotten started moving, it was a torrential downpour. We have a lot of experience moving in the rain, so our movers made sure to pad and wrap everything extra tightly, and move quickly. Inside, shoes came off at the door to help prevent mud from being splattered everywhere.

The mud, however, was about to get a whole lot worse.

New houses are always exciting, and this customer’s new home no exception. It was at the very top of a rather picturesque hill out in the countryside at the outskirts of the Twin Cities. It rose above a lovely little forest, with a dirt road functioning as the winding driveway.

But it was still raining.

When our movers arrived, the road had become more of a slick. It was the sort of thing that was probably an absolute joy to sled down during the winter, but in a heavy summer rain, it was absolutely impossible to ascend to the house.

Initially, the truck almost got stuck in the ascent. Thankfully, the movers were cautious, and realized it would be impossible to get the truck up the slope. After a quick talk with the customer, they ran through some different options. Either the customers belongings could be held for a day until the road dried out, or they could put it into storage, or they could try to bring everything up by foot.

The customer wanted everything brought up by foot. They were planning on leaving the on business shortly, and they really needed to get everything moved into the house that day. So the movers did what we do at College Muscle: they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

They double-checked to make sure each piece of furniture was wrapped up fully and tightly, and hoofed it up the slippery driveway, carefully. It wasn’t pretty. The movers got wet and dirty, but they managed to keep the furniture fairly safe and clean.

A single room was designated for all of the furniture to be put down. The new house had just been redone with vanilla white carpeting, and it would have been a crime to track mud through the house, even if on pads and towels and plastic.

Anyway, just remember that sometimes Mother Nature throws us curveballs, even in 2015. Sometimes to protect the integrity of your house or possessions, your best bet is to wait for better conditions. If you can’t wait, though, College Muscle Movers is probably your best bet in the Twin Cities. We’ve seen it all, from muddy mountains to snowy icehouses.


Twin Cities Moves: The Too-Sneaky Cat

As one of the highest rated moving companies in the Twin Cities, we move a lot. We conduct moves almost every single day of the year, in every season. During Twin Cities moves, we deal with the whole range of temperature, from bone-numbing cold to burning heat. We’re no strangers to snow, either. All of this moving has left us with a lot of stories. After all, moving can be memorable! Everyone has a funny story about something that happened while they were moving. We just have lots of them. We’ve moved boxes full of creepy doll parts, and couches made out of 100% polished marble. Moving in the Twin Cities, you’ll run into all sorts of things.

Because of the special perspective moving gives us, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite stories. It’s hardly fair to keep all the good stuff to ourselves, right? Hopefully, reading some of the stories might also offer some valuable tips for your own upcoming moves.

College Muscle Movers doesn’t transport animals. Most moving companies don’t. However, that doesn’t mean the animals always follow the rules. The following is the story of the Too-Sneaky Cat.

Even napping, cats are sneaky.
Even napping, cats are sneaky.

Our movers arrived on a rainy spring day. Chilly, murky, wet— the works. It was a pretty simple move, just clearing out a small house and moving to a new one. The movers did a walk through and noticed a couple of cat-scratching posts strategically located around the house, but no sign of any cats. The customer assured them that the cat would be safely locked away in the bathroom for the duration of the move.

Anyway, everything started smoothly. The movers began with the boxes and some other furniture to clear a path to the bedrooms, and then things got a little hairy. After moving the mattress out, they noticed the box spring was a little heavy, but that happens. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes.

It wasn’t until they set down the boxspring in the truck that they heard the yowling and the sudden furious scratching, and the newly woken cat scratched it’s way out of the underside of the box spring and ran out of the truck. The cat promptly ran back to the house, getting absolutely covered in mud before racing up a nearby tree. The movers took a short break to help the owners get their cat down, and then it was locked securely in the bathroom again. The move continued, with only some muddy pawprints left as evidence of the original escape. Everything was fine! Although, if you’ve ever had to bathe a dirty, angry cat, you’ll sympathize with the owners.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: keep a close eye on your pets when you’re moving! Don’t give them an opportunity to run away. As stressful as it can be for you, it’s even more stressful for animals. They’re likely to be high-strung and anxious during a move, and keeping track of them will keep the moving process running as smoothly as possible. Plus, you can avoid the dubious pleasure of washing a muddy and unhappy pet.

Story of the Leftover Couch

According to the U.S Census Bureau, the average American will change residences about once every five years. The volatility of the housing market is easy to see in the Twin Cities: hardly a day seems to go by that a new apartment complex hasn’t sprouted up somewhere. It adds up to a lot of moves, and a lot of interesting stories: somehow, when you’re moving yourself, things don’t always go quite as expected.

Here at College Muscle Movers, we move a lot. In fact, we conduct multiple moves every single day of the week, with the exception of some holidays (everybody needs a break once in a while). That means we’ve acquired a lot of different stories over the years. We’ve moved priceless works of art and rare plants, and all sorts of unusual furniture. In fact, if it can be moved, we’ve probably moved it!

Because of our unique perspective within the moving business, we’ve gathered some of most interesting and intriguing stories. It just doesn’t feel right to keep all the good stuff to ourselves! Plus, hopefully hearing some of the stories will help you feel more comfortable or offer some valuable practical tips for your own future moves. This is the story of The Leftover Couch.

Good luck getting this baby down the stairs.
Good luck getting this baby down the stairs.

Sometimes when you move into a new home, the previous owners might ask if you’re interested in any of the furniture they don’t want to cart around themselves. You can end up owning some really cool stuff this way, as well as getting some great deals, but beware: there’s usually a reason the owners don’t want to move it. Sometimes, furniture is literally impossible to move out of a home. This is usually caused by remodeling. If a couch or bed or dresser just barely fit downstairs the first time, it’s not going to work well when you redo the stairs so that they are shallower and less steep.

In the story of The Leftover Couch, College Muscle Movers were hired to move a customer out of her fourth-floor condominium. It was a short move, and relatively quick, except for one thing: the couch. It was a gorgeous piece: rich red leather and brass trim. Heavy, deep, and long. Just the sort of furniture item you want to call professional movers for. There was just one problem.

The couch didn’t fit out the door. Not even close, in fact. The movers took the feet off, removed the cushions, shrunk it down with plastic wrap: no success. When the movers asked about how the couch had gotten in, the customer mentioned that the striking couch had come complimentary with the apartment, but she’d grown attached to it.

Uh-oh. Complimentary with the apartment? This was a definite red flag. How long had the customer been living in the condo? About 20 years. Had there been any remodeling done over those 20 years?

This was when the customer remembered the huge overhaul that had been done on the condo right before she moved in. The stairs themselves had been totally redone, such that they now doubled as drawers. Undeniably cool, but there was a lot less space than there had been originally.

Long story short, there was no way to get the couch out through the stairwell. However, we were able to arrange a trip back at a later date with specialized pulley equipment to hoist the couch out through the window and down from the fourth floor. Done.

This sort of thing isn’t terribly uncommon. If you’ve done any remodeling since moving into your home, let your movers know right away! If you’re feeling hesitant about whether a piece of furniture will fit through the door, measure it! That way, your movers can come equipped with the right tools and get the job done right away.

If you’re living in or around the Twin Cities and you have any questions about that sort of thing, give College Muscle Movers a call! We’re here to help.

Story of The Twin Cities Apartment Labyrinth

Here at CMM, we move a lot. We move couches and chairs and desks, but we also move novelty Aquaman aquariums. We move original Dali charcoal sketches. We move leather exercise couches and custom elliptical machines.

There isn’t a lot, in fact, that we don’t move. If it’s in the Twin Cities and it weighs less than two tons, we’ve probably moved it. That being said, tell your movers in advance what they’ll be moving! It’ll make the whole experience much smoother.

The best part of moving a lot are probably the stories. Most of the time it’s business as usual, but sometimes you get these unique situations. Some interesting, some just plain weird. Some are bone-chilling. We thought it might be nice for those of you facing moves to get a little taste of some of the things we’ve dealt with in the past. Maybe it’ll help reassure you about your own upcoming move. All the names and any pertinent personal details have been changed. This is the story of the Twin Cities Apartment Labyrinth.

Straight up labyrinthine.
The basic layout of your modern apartment complex.


The star of this particular story is a quarter-ton credenza. Hardwood, marble top, glass sides: the works. If you’re unfamiliar with the inner workings of the furniture world, a credenza is a long, low table. Kind of like an oversized coffee table, or particularly stocky buffet. Anyway, CMM had been hired to move this credenza from Apartment 101 to Apartment 401 in a new development. Simple enough, right?

If you’ve moved into a new apartment complex recently, you’ll know that they can be pretty huge, riddled through with a warren of hallways that all look the exact same. And despite how large and sprawling modern developments are, hallways are still curiously narrow.  As if for some reason the architects weren’t planning on moving massive pieces of furniture when they drafted their plans.

Anyway, the movers arrived, noticed the narrow hallways, and rolled up their sleeves. Was the customer sure it would fit in the new space? Of course. If the credenza had gotten into one apartment, it ought to be able to get into another, right? Except that the apartments weren’t identical. The new apartment had two 90 degree turns at the entrance, and even after negotiating all of the narrow hallways, it wouldn’t fit.

In the meantime, the customers asked if the movers could bring it down two floors to the parking garage. A good plan. After all, you can’t exactly keep a massive credenza in the hallway. After muscling it down to the parking garage (it had to go outside and in through the ramp entrance because it was so big), the movers set the credenza down, took a drink, and wiped the sweat off their brows. All done! Whew. Except that by this time the customer’s mother had expressed an interest in the credenza. She was pretty sure it would fit in her apartment, on the 2nd floor. This time, the movers took a tape measure and helped check, just to be sure. It did, in fact look like it would just barely fit, and 25 sweaty minutes later, that was that.

Job complete. Now, this is something of a cautionary tale. Nothing bad happened, but a lot of time could have been saved for the owner of the credenza, if only they’d measured to make sure there would be space in the new apartment. Measure twice, cut once! If you plan your move carefully, you can save yourself time and money.

If you’re living in or around the Twin Cities and you have any questions about that sort of thing, give College Muscle Movers a call! We’re here to help.

Story of the FBI Sting

Tappin' n' hackin'Here at CMM, we move a lot. We move couches and chairs and desks, but we also move novelty Aquaman aquariums. We move marble statues of John Lennon. We move mobile saunas and automated salsa manufacturing machines.

There isn’t a lot, in fact, that we don’t move. That being said, tell your movers in advance what they’ll be moving! It’ll make the whole experience much smoother.

Anyway, when you move a lot, you end up with stories. Some interesting, some just plain weird. Some are bone-chilling. We thought it might be nice for those of you facing moves to get a little taste of some of the things we’ve dealt with in the past. All the names and any pertinent personal details have been changed. This is the story of the FBI Sting.

It was late spring when the customers scheduled the move, misty and gray and threatening rain. A good time to move, as far as weather in the Twin Cities goes. The movers arrived at the origin location promptly at 8am, and gave the customers a call.

The customers told them to go right inside, that they weren’t home, but everything needed to be packed up and moved. A bit unusual, perhaps, but not the end of the world. The only issue was that the movers needed a signature before they could get started. The customer insisted that they really couldn’t make it back home, but they gave full permission to move everything, and besides, all of their credit card information was on file. Surely that was enough?

That’s when things started to really get weird. The movers went outside to retrieve some packing supplies (stretch wrap, blankets, etc), and noticed a man in a suit step out of an unmarked black car and approach them. He asked if they could give him a moment of their time, then flashed a badge at them. An FBI badge.

It turned out that the customers were wanted felons, and he asked if they were currently inside the house. When the movers explained the situation, he asked if the movers could get the customers to come back home to sign the paperwork. The customers were planning on fleeing the Twin Cities, and possibly the country.

Paperwork needs to be signed before a move anyway, and an FBI badge is remarkably persuasive, so the movers called the customer back and explained that they were needed to sign the paperwork before they drove the full truck away, but that they’d get started.

The FBI agent suggested that the movers go back inside, but not actually take anything out to the truck. They shuffled some things around and waited for the customers to arrive. When the customers did arrive, they didn’t even get a chance to go inside and sign the paperwork. Instead they were promptly greeted by several men in dark suits, and that was how the movers aided in the apprehension of criminals. On the plus side, their move was completed in record speed.

So remember: if you are a wanted felon, consider letting us know before the move begins. Surprises while moving aren’t always pleasant, especially when they involve being taken away to prison.

Stories From The Field – Endless Dolls

Here at College Muscle Movers, we move a lot. We move couches and chairs and desks, but we also move guitars signed by Joe Cocker (RIP, you magnificent man). We move stone lions. We move mobile saunas and automated salsa manufacturing machines.

There isn’t a lot, in fact, that we don’t move. That being said, tell your movers in advance what they’ll be moving! It’ll make the whole experience much smoother (and in some unusual cases, significantly less horrifying)

Anyway, when you move a lot, you end up with stories. Some interesting, some just plain weird. Some are bone-chilling. We thought it might be nice for those of you facing moves to get a little taste of some of the things we’ve dealt with in the past. All the names and any pertinent personal details have been changed.

This story takes place during the early autumn, on one of those spectacularly beautiful Minnesota fall days. It was a pretty standard move, one storage unit to another, from south Minneapolis to the northern suburbs. The movers arrived in the morning, and met the customer at the entrance. Luckily, the origin point of the move was an unusually large complex, and the movers were able to drive the truck right in and park by the unit. They went through the paperwork, worked out the details for the destination of the load, and got started.

Then the customer opened the door, and there was a moment of perfectly shocked silence as the movers gazed into the stuff of nightmares. Buckets of blood and dismembered body parts littered the storage unit, which was stacked besides from floor to ceiling with transparent boxes full of eyeballs and heads and teeth. It took a moment to realize they were all fake.

Turns out the customer was a well-established set and prop designer, and CMM had been contracted to move her Halloween items. A whole room full of unsettlingly realistic horror items. There were chattering skulls, plastic casts of corpses, and small-scale replicas of dilapidated houses, complete with tiny little murderering families.

Scary stuff.

And once the movers had really begun to dig into the unit, they found the scariest part. The dolls. The storage unit was 10’ x 30’, with a very tall ceiling. That’s big. You could park a whole fleet of delivery vehicles in a storage unit that size. And it was full of dolls and doll parts. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall. The dolls just didn’t end, and with them came dollhouses. Doll clothes. Doll accessories in every shape and size.


Once they’d gotten through the gory stuff, the move wasn’t so unusual, except that everything was really small. Tiny couches, desks and chairs. Movers don’t generally get a chance to pick up and move an entire house, but miniatures make it possible. It was a big move, with little items. There was a lot to move, and it took awhile, but the movers made quick work of the endless dolls. After three full loads of the truck, the dolls had been entirely re-located to a new home, and none of the movers had suffered any lasting psychological damage. At least we hope not.

So remember, give your movers an accurate inventory before the move begins! You never know when one of the movers suffers from pediophobia (a fear of dolls). You wouldn’t want to give any fine young men a heart attack, would you?