Packing, Cleaning and Organizing… Oh My!

Hello there! My name is Leslie Farmer, I’m a 32 year-old mom to the funniest, deep-sea-fishing-obsessed six year old boy. We live in Saint Paul with our two cats, Ham and Uno.

Recently, I have taken up the role of Support Services Manager at College Muscle Movers. Being new here, I felt I should tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in the Bloomington area where my first job was at the Mall of America in Old Navy during the holiday season. I worked in the fitting room with piles that were as tall as me… I’m 6’1. That was the first time I found myself facing a seemingly insurmountable pile of chaos and clutter. I remember thinking, “how am I going to sort through this?”

My next major “how am I going to organize this” moment came when I took on the role of coaching a High School Volleyball team. These girls loved quoting TV shows, movies, and listening to the “right” pump-up songs. I had to dive into what little knowledge of current pop culture and come up with a team motto while somehow teaching the finesse of the game.

“If you can get there with one hand, you can get there with two.”

To me, and my team by the end of the season, that meant, if you are going to put in effort, put in all your effort. I listened to Ed Sheeran on repeat for months and months during that season thanks to those 15 year old girls. When I’m really buckling down at work, I still put on the instrumentals to his songs. What can I say? He really puts in all his effort.

Flash forward to parenting – I was 25 with a newborn and frantic for simple answers. Sleep deprivation is real. I vividly remember being up at 4:00am, crying baby on my hip, opening my tupperware cabinet looking for a bib of all things and it all exploding at me like a bad April Fool’s prank. “How do I organize this?” I nearly wept at the thought. I became Pinterest-obsessed and found every nook and cranny that I could organize. Turns out, adding a hook to the back of your highchair for bibs saves parents and babies from a lot of tears.

A few years after that, my Mom was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia, it fell on my shoulders to clean out her two-bedroom condo. Dementia often leads to hoarding, and I knew my mother loved a good deal but naively, I thought the job could be done in as little as one weekend.

When I got to storage unit #2 and found myself staring down 9 bicycles, I may or may not have screamed a few choice words. I arrived at an all too familiar question, ”how do I get rid of all this stuff?” and the realization that this all takes way more effort and time than I ever assumed.

Emotionally drained I implemented a “Keep, Sell, Donate” system as I had seen on my favorite HGTV Shows. Efficiently and diligently working, the process took 50 hours and 5 dumpsters. But, we made it!

All of this leaves me more prepared than ever. Those hard-fought battles have me coming to College Muscle Movers with heaps of experience and knowledge. I’m ready to help you all clean and organize your homes, and safely pack up your belongings. Ask me any question. I’m here to help.