Bre M.

October 5, 2013
Minneapolis, MN


After a horrible experience setting up a move with Matt's Moving I contacted College Muscle Movers at the last minute to see if they would be able to handle my move at the beginning of October. I had contact with both Katie and Andrew from their office while setting up my moving appointment and both of them were very friendly and helpful answering all of my questions, and ran through a detailed check list to make sure we hadn't forgotten any potential items that should be listed separately on their manifest or that might cause issues in the move. Their trip fee was very reasonable and pricing was better than other companies out there for the same services being offered.

The day of the actual move could not have gone smoother. I want to say my movers were Andrew and Paul, but I'm not 100% sure on that. They called to let me know they were on their way, arrived at my old place at the time I'd been promised when setting up the moving appointment. I had someone waiting for them to let them in and they were kind and friendly to him the entire time. They they had all 30 boxes loaded onto their truck in 17 minutes! They also called to let me know they were on the way to my new apartment.

When they got to my new place they introduced themselves right away and provided excellent customer service the entire time they were here. The new bed I'd purchased ended up being delivered at exactly the same time they arrived and both movers were wonderful and worked with the guys delivering the bed to avoid traffic jams on the stairs, in a fairly small hallway and my apartment itself.

With 30 boxes, (Some of them extremely heavy!) 3 flights of stairs at my new place, dealing with on street parking, and working around the bed delivery they had the entire job done in just under 1.5 hours! I was very happy with the entire process and will use them the next time I move as well as recommend them to friends and family.

Remember to tip your movers guys! I tipped both movers $20 each and they were extremely appreciative, makes me think most people don't think to do so. Moving is a huge pain and they make life so much easier on moving day that they totally deserve it.

Jessica S.

October 2, 2013
Minneapolis, MN


Moving is often a dreadful, time-devouring experience considered one of the most stressful life events--takes the bronze trailing death and divorce. Popping out a baby is even more pleasurable! So, the girl who struggles to pull open certain doors thought it wise to seek out muscular resources to move her 2 bedroom apartment.

Enter College Muscle Movers, a St. Paul-based moving company consisting of strapping young men looking to make a buck. Most of these guys are local college students. The manpower they supply is invaluable. But, aside from the guns, CMM offers a courteous and hard-working staff focused on loading and unloading your stuff as efficiently as possible. And they are very receptive to special requests, going out of there way to accommodate. The customer service, both in terms of the muscle and management, was remarkable.

And the price? You get not only 1, but 2 Muscle Movers for just $75/hour!! Plus, a few flat fees, which are very transparently disclosed. And, CMM requires only a 1 hour minimum (compared to the typical 3 hours). After 1 hour, they round to the nearest quarter-hour.

As is the case with all movers, prepare beforehand. While CMM will pack your boxes, do you really want to be billed for having someone box your half empty jar of peanut butter, tighty whities, and other various sundries? Disassembling, packing, and organizing before CMM arrives is a surefire way to a quick, efficient move that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

CMM is worth every last penny of the $400-ish dollars we spent for moving out and in. This experience was light years away from earning a spot as a top life stressor. For reals, my drive home tonight (dark and rainy) ranked higher on the stress-o-meter. Do yourself a favor and retain movers (CMM or otherwise, though I recommend the former) for your next relocation. You will love yourself forever.

Margaret G.

August 29, 2013
Seattle, WA


Company gave accurate estimate, called to confirm things before charging the card. Movers were on time; nice kids, they worked hard and didn't rest until the job was finished.

Stephanie O.

August 21, 2013
Minneapolis, MN


We used College Muscle Movers for our move from house to apartment recently. This was our first experience using movers, and since everyone seems to have a horror story, we weren't sure what to expect.

Setting up the moving appointment over the phone was quick and easy. CMM went over all the items to be moved, costs and itinerary for the day. Our two movers (Mike and Mark) were awesome. They called in earlier on the day of the move to let us know their timeframe for arrival from another job and then again when they were on their way. They moved quickly and efficiently, moved a couch I wouldn't try and lift if you paid me up a narrow and steep staircase, and were careful with all our belongings.

The street where CMM should have been able to park (near loading dock & elevators) was all torn up, so everything had to be moved through the apartment lobby, up the elevators and down two long hallways. Once again, Mike and Mark were extremely efficient through the whole process.

I'm very pleased to say that we had a great experience using CMM and would definitely hire again in the future. The prices are reasonable as well. Highly recommended!

Jill N.

April 22, 2013
St. Paul, MN


College Muscle Movers helped us move our big stuff from our last apartment into our first house and were amazing throughout the whole process. The apartment was on the second floor of a walk up with a tight turn and they managed to get all of our furniture down without scratching a thing or banging up the walls. The guys literally ran from the truck up to the apartment for the next load and completely secured all of our belongings in the truck. At the house they quickly unpacked the truck and place everything where I asked. Additionally, the estimate they gave me for how long the move would take was dead on so there were no financial surprises at the end. I would definitely use College Muscle Movers again!

Taryn M.

April 3, 2013
Eden Prairie


The one-hour labor-only option was such a great solution! I couldn't have asked for more convenient, professional, and speedy service.

Dana B.

December 4, 2012
Minneapolis, MN


I've been meaning to write this review ever since we moved this fall -- WOW, College Muscle Movers are the best. Joey and Tyler treated our IKEA furniture like priceless heirlooms. They were quick, efficient, friendly, and absolutely professional. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a mover in the Twin Cities area!

Jeff C.

September 29, 2012
Milwaukee, WI


The guys they send out might be young, but they have the smarts to get the job done! Ryan and Joey arrived ten minutes early, executed some serious moves in order to get some big furniture out of the basement, and really rocked it. I highly recommend College Muscle Movers.

Tim H.

September 2, 2012
Minneapolis, MN


Had the BEST experience with college muscle movers. Setting it up was a breeze and they were very upfront about all the charges involved. Carter and Cameron were our movers and they made quick work of our stuff AND were early.

Moving can take a lot out of you, so it is well worth getting their truck service. Worth every penny.

Hans P.

July 4, 2012
St. Paul, MN


I suggested College Muscle Movers for my sister's move from apartment to apartment. The year before they had done a labor-only move where they packed my parent's items into a truck for their out of state move.

In both cases, the guys showed up on time, ready to work right away. They were careful with every item and also managed to load and unload speedily!

My parents found all items in great condition when they arrived in Texas.

My sister was able to move in one morning. Two very positive experiences with this company.

I will definitely use them again as well as recommend them to friends. My tip for anyone moving is, have everything packed and ready to go so these guys can get to work when they arrive.