Sandy M.

January 27, 2015
Minneapolis, MN


Ho. Lee. Smokes.

Michael and Dillon moved me yesterday and I was so thankful for these guys. They met me at public storage right on time. I was so discouraged to realize the truck wouldn't actually fit into the building. The guys were like "meh. no biggie". They unpacked my storage unit honestly within about 10 minutes. Next thing I know they are meeting me at my new place in Uptown.

Unfortunately, street parking wasn't an option and the driveway to the apartment was too narrow for their truck. I felt so bad for these two guys having to load up my stuff again and walk it down the street a bit. How can they move such heavy stuff up two flights of steps without any sweat or heavy breathing?? Doesn't make sense to me but they did it...quickly.

It's about 4:09 and everything is said and done. They had me write $0 in the balance due because I had already paid an hour ($120) plus transportation fee ($70) ahead of time. I was pleased to write $0 balance!

Anyway, Michael and Dillon made everything so easy and there was never a worry. Oh and my mom found them charming as well which is always a bonus.

Thank you guys!!!!

Luba L.

September 25, 2014
Minneapolis, MN


I have used CMM twice and each time I was very, very satisfied.  The movers were polite, friendly, worked diligently and went out ti their way to help with little extra things to make sure the loading and unloading  went quickly.  They even offered suggested as to where furniture might fit better in our new home!  Their prices are good and they do try to work fast so as not to increase the amount due at the end of the move. I strongly recommend this company and their great team of athlete movers!

Angela P.

January 14, 2015
Minneapolis, MN


Had a great experience hiring College Muscle Movers to move some furniture, cabinets, and boxes within our office building. From the very first phone conversation I had with CMM, I was impressed with their professionalism. I got all my questions answered, they were able to schedule for a specific time (as opposed to a 4-hour window, like the other movers I talked to when I was first looking to hire someone for the job), and they were super accommodating. What started out as a simple job to move some big empty file cabinets actually morphed into a larger job that involved moving cabinets, boxes, and tables, and they totally rolled with it and did a great job. The two gentleman who did the work arrived on time, they were courteous and professional, and they got the job done in less time than was quoted to us.  Our office manager was very impressed with them, and commented that she'd definitely book CMM again. I agree!

Charles W.

August 25, 2014
St. Paul, MN


After looking at a couple different moving companies my wife and I settled on College Muscle Movers and we couldn't be happier that we did.

From the first time that we spoke to them our experience was stellar.  They were upfront about all of their costs and fees, arrived on time, courteous, gentle with all of our boxes and furniture, speedy, and they were spot on to their time estimate.  We couldn't have asked for better service.

All in all 10 out of 10 will use again.

Kirby H.

August 24, 2014
Mound, MN


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with College Muscle Movers just yesterday. We did a lot of research before we went with them. They came out and did a free quote on our home. They estimated 3-4 hours. We were also going to have them pack our stuff for us, but ended up going against it in the end thinking we could pack ourselves and save a little money. On the day of the move the two young men arrived on time and were very kind and courteous. They were also very quick. One in particular would jog back to our apartment after loading each item! I couldn't believe it! The trip over to the new place went well, as well as the unloading process. They were quick to ask if they were putting everything in the correct place, keep us updated on how much time they thought they had left, and asking if we needed help with any other moving needs before they left. So far only one item was damaged, and it is just a few scratches on the top of an ikea end table, which we believe is completely fine since that can happen to ikea stuff pretty easily. We were very happy with what we received and would use them again. They ended up taking 4.25 hours because another moving company was also using our apartments only elevator so they had to play a little elevator tag.

Daphne D.

July 11, 2014
Davis, CA


I hired two movers to pack my stuff into a storage pod. They were efficient and professional. It only took them about 1 hour to load the pod. And after the pod was transported from Minneapolis all the way to California, almost everything stayed where it was. Of course, light and small objects got displaced a little bit, which is expected. The price is very reasonable. Thanks again for their amazing job!

Ashley P.

June 3, 2014
St. Paul, MN


First of all, I HATE MOVING. If I can avoid moving by any chance, I will. But when you gotta move, you gotta move.

This time, I wanted to alleviate some of my pressure of moving by hiring movers. I saw CMM trucks driving by so decided to give them a call (and also of course reading all the reviews on Yelp).

At first, I thought it was a little bit pricey. But as I was doing some research, I figured the rate was actually competitive. I also looked at some movers on craigslist, but trustworthy and damage insurance was something that I couldn't really hire them.

When I called CMM, they were super nice about setting the days. It was a little bit last minute, but they were able to get me in. They got detailed inventory of what needed to be moved. I wanted large furnitures to be moved (Queen beds, glass top coffee tables, vanity, floor mirrors, dressers, etc).

On the day of the move, they were on time, and those muscles were impressive! Two muscles showed up. They were very friendly and professional. They moved everything out in one of the bedroom in less than 15min. I have to say it took them about an hour to load the truck. They also asked if I needed anything else to be moved so I decided to have them take some of smaller items as well.

No time was wasted on them. They were on the move, efficient and professional. I guess since I was their first move, they had more energy to be quick, but boy they knew  what they were doing.

The total move took about 3.5 hrs, and definitely I will recommend these guys to other friends who are looking for movers and if I have to move again (hopefully not), I will call them.

Wayne S.

May 23, 2014
Minneapolis, MN


I moved from a 1 BR house to an apartment and didn't think it would take very long. Needless to say when I called and was given an estimate of 4.5 hours, I was a bit concerned.

I made sure to have everything pre-packed and the movers did the heavy lifting, managed the truck, and made sure none of my items were damaged. Movers were polite and professional, did not waste time, and knew what they were doing. In the end it only took 3 hours versus the quoted 4.5.

Overall, I was happy with the service but took 1 star off for quoted time being far off. They also didn't seem worried about leaving the truck open on the street with no supervision (I ended up staying out while they continued to move).

A. R.

April 28, 2014
Minneapolis, MN


Highly recommend these guys.  Had three movers and a truck show up on a Saturday morning.  They were right on time, friendly, and respectful.  They had all the dollies, furniture blankets and straps that were needed and then some.  The guys didn't grumble about three flights of stairs (though they could have!), they worked at a good, steady pace, and they were respectful with my stuff.  Beginning to end, College Muscle Movers took a lot of the stress and aggravation out of Moving Day.  I called a few days ahead when I realized I would have a dozen extra boxes than originally stated, and CMM was able and willing to accommodate my additions so that we all had the same expectations for time going into the day.  Special shout out to Tyler, Matt, and Austin who were funny, courteous and willing to lend their muscles to the day!

Jay E.

March 6, 2014
Minneapolis, MN


What can I say that hasn't already been said by so many others here? From the first contact to phone calls to the actual move, everyone was professional and polite. On the day of the move, the guys were running ahead of schedule, and called to ask if I wanted them to come a bit early. I was all packed up so it was fine by me (good thing, too, as we got lots of snow later in the day).

The time estimate was accurate, the movers were nice guys, they managed to get that truck into a pretty tight alley despite snow and ice on the roads. Nothing was broken - basically it was everything a move should be. Well worth the money. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Bijoy A.

November 18, 2013
Osseo, MN


It was very fortunate for us that I saw an ad for CMM as I was looking up another company on Yelp (who my wife was about to pull the trigger with). They had horrible reviews, and CMM had great reviews, so I scheduled the move with them instead.

Best decision we made in the moving process! We have moved a few times in the 12 years we've been married, but this is the first time we've ever hired movers, based on lessons learned from previous moves.

We actually used their services twice this summer, since we had to temporarily move into a townhouse between closing on our old house and our new house.

Phil and Tyler did a phenomenal job of loading up everything from our old house into a POD and a friend's truck. I was in awe at their ability to pack so many things into that space. They must be masters at Tetris. It gave us peace of mind that they were both so careful with our belongings, wrapping items as necessary, and loading them carefully.

A month and a half later, Phil and Mike helped us move a whole house full of stuff from multiple locations (everything wouldn't fit in the POD) to our new house. Again, they were rockstars and did everything efficiently and with great care. Also, Mike has a great singing voice -- ask him about it.

They saved us so much stress (and probably back injuries) that I couldn't imagine how horrible the move would have been without them. Hopefully we will never have to move again, but if we do, CMM will be the first call I make.

Candice E.

October 24, 2013
St. Paul, MN


My move was just completed minutes ago, and it went extremely well. The movers, Alex and Matt, were on time, very careful and professional, and moved fast! The price was also very reasonable. I recommend College Muscle Movers to anyone in need of a move!