Moving Vinyl Records

To pack your vinyl records for moving, you’ll need to consider some basic priorities:

  • Organize your records.
  • Use high-quality record sleeves.
  • Use the right boxes.
  • Pad your vinyl records.
  • Keep them cool

– The goal is to protect each record from dust, heat, and moisture, so make sure your records can’t fall or roll out from the cover.

– Poly plastic sleeves will protect them from all types of outside wear. Use caution when packing boxes full of your most righteous LP’s. 

– You want them to fit snugly together without being squeezed too tightly, which could cause warping.

– Pack some newspaper or bubble wrap in the space left in the box–this will give your records some shock absorption during the ride.

– Don’t stack your vinyl on top of one another when putting them in a box; stand them vertically next to each other. 

– There are several options when choosing boxes to pack your collection. As long as the box dimensions are at least 14″ x 14″ x 14″, your records should fit. There shouldn’t be too much extra room for jostling around during the move. 

– Line the bottom and/or sides of your box with newspaper, bubble wrap or Styrofoam to make sure that they have some protection against the jostle of a moving truck. Double-thick cardboard isn’t enough to keep your collection safe.

– Also be sure to indicate which side of your box is “up.”