How to Pack a TV 

The original packaging for televisions is THE BEST storage option you will find.

First unplug and organize any TV cords. Label the cords using masking tape and a marker so it is easier to set up at your new location. 

You need to protect the screen from scratches that could be caused by movers or packing material. Depending on what you have available, there are a few different ways you can do this. While we recommend keeping the original packaging, we also understand the desire to recycle old boxes to reduce clutter.

If you don’t have the original packaging, explore the following options:


  • Rent a TV Protection Box Kit from CMM for $15 during your service!
  • Wrap a blanket around the screen and secure the blanket using a small rope or bungee cord.
  • Moving blankets or comforters from your home will work well for packing a flat screen television. They manage to keep distance between the screen and a larger moving box and provide padding without damaging the screen. Pick blankets that don’t have zippers, buttons or seams that could scratch the screen.
  • Try to find a box that provides at least two or three inches of extra space on all sides once the TV is inside. 
  • At the destination, use two or more people to lift the screen out of the moving box. Don’t try to do this yourself if the TV is too heavy. Also, don’t place the box flat on the ground and try to slide the TV out. 
  • Let the TV come to room temperature before you plug anything in and turn the power on. 
  • Make sure the TV stand is large enough and sturdy enough to accommodate the flat screen. If you are using a wall mount, make sure it is drilled into studs or the proper anchors are used.