When You’re Not Sure Something Will Fit

There are times when a furniture item will not fit where you want it to go. The most common situations where this happens are with couches, large bed headboards, and queen sized box springs going around tight corners and up stairs with low clearance.

You can measure your items and the space they are moving through to see if they will fit in advance. Keep in mind that the clearance of a staircase with a sloped ceiling is not from the ceiling straight down. You should measure from the lowest part of the ceiling at a 45 degree angle down to the stairs.

Queen box springs can be tilted at an angle to get a little more clearance, but many smaller houses with converted attic bedrooms will not fit a queen box spring up those stairs. You can purchase queen box springs that come in 2 small pieces if necessary, and many modern bed designs don’t use box springs at all. King beds always use 2 twin box springs and should fit, though the mattress may need to be folded and forced up the stairs, which is not recommended for mattresses with metal springs in them.Couches are more difficult to judge because they are a unique shape that can be lifted and twisted around corners that at first seem too tight. The legs of the couch should be removed if possible to give the item more clearance. Some refrigerators, freezers and exercise equipment may also not fit in some spaces, like down narrow basement stairways.

If there is a questionable turn that, even after measuring, you aren’t sure your couch will fit around, we recommend that you have a backup location for the couch to go in case it doesn’t fit. If your home has a walk-out basement we may be able to bring an item through that door instead of moving it down the stairs.

Our movers are experts at fitting items through tight spaces, so if it is possible we will get it there. We will not, however, hoist items up to balconies or use ladders to bring items to an upper level. If it is a really tight fit and our movers think that we may damage the item or the home while moving, we may require a risk of damage acknowledgement to be signed.