Moving Ikea Furniture

(and other particle board items)


Most furniture that you assemble yourself is designed to be put together once and then left in place. Many of these furniture items are made out of particle board which is not very strong, and screws or other fasteners will eventually widen the holes they are set in and stop holding the item together.

Our movers can do basic disassembly and reassembly of furniture during our services but some assemble-yourself furniture is very time consuming to take apart and put back together. We recommend doing the disassembly before our service unless you are willing to pay for our time to do this for you. Smaller items don’t typically need to be taken apart, and some things are strong enough to stay together, but most bed frames like this will need to come apart to be moved safely.

This kind of furniture is typically less expensive but will need to be replaced more often so that is something to keep in mind when purchasing, especially if you are moving somewhat frequently. It is definitely possible to move items like this safely, but there is a much higher chance of damage. For this reason we do not cover furniture made out of particle board under our valuation coverage.