How to Pack and Move a Computer

If you are moving a laptop, tablet, or other compact computer we would recommend using a carrying case that fits the device and then transporting it in a personal vehicle. If you need your movers to handle the item, please pack it securely in a box marked ‘fragile’ with packing paper or bubble wrap around the computer. Make sure that there are no heavy or sharp items on top of the computer/tablet.

If you are moving a desktop computer please detach all of the cables from the computer monitor and the computer tower to make sure that the connection points aren’t damaged. If you purchase a computer monitor we recommend holding on to the box it comes in. Otherwise you should wrap the monitor in bubble wrap and place it in a thin box, filling the remaining room in the box to prevent the monitor from shifting.

Transport the item in a personal vehicle or mark the box fragile and let the movers know that there is a monitor or screen inside. The computer tower should also be placed in a box or transported in a personal vehicle. Rough handling can damage internal electronics so let the movers know to carefully handle that box as well.