How to Move Plants

Moving houseplants requires some planning, so try not to put this off until last minute. Repot the plants in plastic pots if you have them, since moving plants in plastic will make them easier to carry and reduces the risk of breakage that comes with ceramic pots. You should repot your plants a few weeks before your move. This will give them time to adjust.


– If you do have to transport your plants in an open vehicle, place a sheet over them to prevent damage.

– If your plants are particularly small, cardboard boxes with dividers are a great way to keep them in place. If you have many small plants, wine glass boxes are a great choice. If you have slightly larger plants, you can simply nestle them in a box with some newspaper or packing paper.

– Be sure to keep the box open to let the plants breathe. If you have to shut it, do so loosely and poke some holes in the box to let air inside.

– To prevent the plant from shifting around, wrap the base in an old sheet or towel.

– It is normal for your houseplants to experience some minor wilting after your move. Remove any dead stems or foliage to give room for new growth. Continue to water them properly and provide supplemental light if necessary. After a week or two, your houseplants will have adapted to their new environment.