Packing & Moving Glass

Glass items are among the most fragile things that we regularly move.

Items like ornaments with very fine features require a lot of padding and protection. We would recommend wrapping this in bubble wrap and placing them in their own box, or in a box with a small amount of other light, similarly wrapped items.

Sheets of glass, like shelves, table or desk coverings, and glass panes, should be wrapped in a blanket or moving pad and covered in shrink wrap. You can wrap multiple small panes of glass together, but make sure there is a layer of blanket or padding between each piece of glass, and that no corners or edges are exposed.

We recommend moving small glass items in a personal vehicle if possible. Items like these need to be pointed out to your movers if you are having us handle them so that they can place them in the truck somewhere they are least likely to be damaged.

If you would like our movers to prepare your glass items to be transported please let us know in advance.