Moving Framed Art & Pictures

We strongly recommend moving art and wall hangings in your own personal vehicle – either ahead of time or on the day of the move if you would like assistance from the movers with the loading and unloading into your personal vehicle. This will greatly reduce the risk of damage to these fragile items.

The same goes for lamp shades, TV’s, Computer Monitors, or anything fragile.

A safe way to move wall artwork is to put corner protectors on the artwork and wrap it in bubble wrap, and then place it into an appropriately sized picture box. This is especially important for pictures with glass on them.

We have all of these materials in stock and our Muscle Movers can prepare your artwork for you. Or, you can get the materials in advance and do it yourself to save some time and money during your moving service.

If you are looking for a faster and less expensive option, we can also cover wall artwork in moving pads and shrink wrap during the move.

If your artwork needs extra special care please let us know when we are estimating your service so we can take that information into account.