1 Truck vs. 2 Trucks

One 26′ box truck (the largest in our fleet) can hold the contents of a typical 2 bedroom or smaller 3 bedroom home (under 1800 square feet).

If your home is larger than this we recommend using 2 trucks unless your moving locations are less than a 10 minute drive from one another.

If you are able to handle moving some of your own items and don’t have a hard deadline to move out of your current home you can consider limiting your move to 1 truck to keep costs down.

If your inventory list includes 100 or more boxes, we often find that a second truck is needed as that amount of medium boxes typically takes up more than half of the truck.

If your inventory list is close to requiring a 2nd truck, by our estimation, we will recommend a 2nd truck. Two trucks means less time spent rearranging to make everything fit, and it means there’s less chance that we will need to put something in a precarious position to make everything fit. In our experience, this saves money and decreases risk.

Ultimately, when estimating your move we assume you want all of the items listed on your inventory moved and will recommend a service we know will take care of that.