Stories From The Field: When A Mover Falls In Love

With about 8 years of moving experience under our belts, we’ve moved a lot of odd stuff. We’ve also had some unique, unexpected experiences while on the job. This particular story doesn’t really fall into either of those categories. It isn’t an FBI sting operation, and it certainly isn’t about a man hacking his drywall with a machete for the sake of getting a couch into a basement. It is, however, a story that has yet to be repeated.

On a particularly busy summer day about 5 years ago, two of our Muscle Movers, Peter and Jake, were on their way to a service. As they neared the starting location, Peter gave the customer a call to let them know they would be arriving soon. After the brief phone call, Peter mentioned to Jake that their customer, Jo, sounded cute.

When they arrived, Peter and Jake parked the truck and were greeted by Jo. Peter was pleasantly surprised to realize she was even cuter than she sounded on the phone.

As Jake and Peter got to work carrying the larger items to the truck, Jo and her friends helped out with boxes and such. Throughout the move the group chatted and Peter started noticing that he and Jo shared a lot of hobbies like downhill skiing and tennis, among others. But it wasn’t just alike interests… there was definitely some chemistry, which both seem to have noticed.

Jo, having felt that spark, gave Peter a call about two hours after the service. He was happy to hear from her and even happier when she asked him if he’d like to get together and play tennis sometime. Shortly after, the two started dating.

Today, Peter and Jo are happily engaged and preparing for their wedding later this year.


So, there you go a heart-warming and serendipitous story to share on Valentine’s Day. If you aren’t feeling lovey-dovey, you can find the stories I mentioned earlier, here and here.