Tips for Moving to a New Home

Here at College Muscle Movers, we’ve helped a lot of people move. Many of us have moved a lot ourselves, and in the process of all this, we’ve accumulated some helpful nuggets of knowledge to help other people get through their moves. Today we’re going to offer some helpful tips on moving into a new home!


Get to Know Your Way Around

Moving is a long and relatively arduous process. Once you’ve finished up all the hard work, though, you need to start making yourself at home! If you live in the city, there might be lots of interesting nightlife and arts to explore. Out in the country, you can find yourself in nature. Everywhere you go, you’ll likely encounter neighbors. Below we’ll list some tips to help you feel at home after a long move.


Do Some Research

Lots of people just like to wander around a new neighborhood, but sometimes old-fashioned exploration can seem a bit aimless or overwhelming. If you’re wondering where to begin, consider checking the internet! Yelp is a great resource for finding businesses and restaurants, and using Google Maps to find close amenities will likely save you time if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for.


Reality Check

You can also eschew the digital library and find friends to help you. If you have any friends or family in the area you’re moving into, consider taking them out for coffee or a meal. Just make sure they suggest a good spot to meet up! This is a great opportunity to get other local perspectives on great eats and drinks, as well as personalized ideas that you might not find yourself on the internet.

It might seem weird, but don’t be afraid to ask strangers for advice, either! Most people are happy to spill their opinions on cool spots, especially if you tell them you’ve just moved to the area. It’s flattering! Just remember to be friendly and polite, and let busy people keep on their way.


Just Explore

Get out there and walk around! You never know what you’ll find, especially in the sprawling beauty that is Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Yeah, the Twin Cities are pretty beautiful.
Yeah, the Twin Cities are pretty beautiful.

Making New Friends

The next step is becoming part of a community. This isn’t to say you need to go out salsa dancing every Thursday (although if you like dancing, that’s not a bad idea). Just find a couple activities that get you up and out of the house on the regular.

Find a Hobby

This one might be a no-brainer if you’re already an avid runner or yogi, or you just like to try out different bars. But engaging in activities is important when you move to a new place. If you’re having trouble thinking of something to do, think back to your childhood. Did you have any hobbies that fell away from you? Consider giving them another go!

Don’t worry if you find you don’t like salsa dancing, or community service, or basket weaving. At the very least, you’ve learned something new. You’ll never know what new things you might like if you never try anything new!


Be Patient

Moving into a new community takes time, and so does making new friends. It won’t happen overnight. Not all the people you meet will be your favorite, and you might not like all of the places you visit around your new home.

But keep your chin up! Moving somewhere new is a chance to start fresh. When you move, you have endless possibilities open up before you. You can become a social butterfly, a capoeira master, or an expert home-brewer. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Hopefully some of our tips will help you put the right foot forward in your new home. If you have any questions related to moving, feel free to contact us! College Muscle Movers is here to help.