Twin Cities Moves: The Muddy Mountain

As one of the premier moving companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we do a lot of Twin Cities moves. Most of these moves are pretty standard fare: couches and chairs and dressers from apartments to houses, emptying out an old storage unit or filling up a new one. But we’ve seen some unusual situations, too. That’s one of the benefits of being in the business. You see all kinds of different moves, and that means you end up with a lot of different stories. We figured it might be nice for everybody out there to get a little taste of some of things we’ve encountered, if only to help you plan your own upcoming move or feel better about weird hiccups you’ve had when you tried to move your great grand-aunt Louise into a new apartment.

This is the Story of the Muddy Mountain.


The customers scheduled the move in early summer. It was one of those misty morning Twin Cities moves, when rain threatens and the grass is wet, but the meteorologist tells everyone not to worry: there’s only a 15% chance of rain. Unfortunately, a 15% chance is still a chance.

Rain started falling well before the movers arrived. By the time they’d gotten started moving, it was a torrential downpour. We have a lot of experience moving in the rain, so our movers made sure to pad and wrap everything extra tightly, and move quickly. Inside, shoes came off at the door to help prevent mud from being splattered everywhere.

The mud, however, was about to get a whole lot worse.

New houses are always exciting, and this customer’s new home no exception. It was at the very top of a rather picturesque hill out in the countryside at the outskirts of the Twin Cities. It rose above a lovely little forest, with a dirt road functioning as the winding driveway.

But it was still raining.

When our movers arrived, the road had become more of a slick. It was the sort of thing that was probably an absolute joy to sled down during the winter, but in a heavy summer rain, it was absolutely impossible to ascend to the house.

Initially, the truck almost got stuck in the ascent. Thankfully, the movers were cautious, and realized it would be impossible to get the truck up the slope. After a quick talk with the customer, they ran through some different options. Either the customers belongings could be held for a day until the road dried out, or they could put it into storage, or they could try to bring everything up by foot.

The customer wanted everything brought up by foot. They were planning on leaving the on business shortly, and they really needed to get everything moved into the house that day. So the movers did what we do at College Muscle: they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

They double-checked to make sure each piece of furniture was wrapped up fully and tightly, and hoofed it up the slippery driveway, carefully. It wasn’t pretty. The movers got wet and dirty, but they managed to keep the furniture fairly safe and clean.

A single room was designated for all of the furniture to be put down. The new house had just been redone with vanilla white carpeting, and it would have been a crime to track mud through the house, even if on pads and towels and plastic.

Anyway, just remember that sometimes Mother Nature throws us curveballs, even in 2015. Sometimes to protect the integrity of your house or possessions, your best bet is to wait for better conditions. If you can’t wait, though, College Muscle Movers is probably your best bet in the Twin Cities. We’ve seen it all, from muddy mountains to snowy icehouses.