Twin Cities Moves: The Too-Sneaky Cat

As one of the highest rated moving companies in the Twin Cities, we move a lot. We conduct moves almost every single day of the year, in every season. During Twin Cities moves, we deal with the whole range of temperature, from bone-numbing cold to burning heat. We’re no strangers to snow, either. All of this moving has left us with a lot of stories. After all, moving can be memorable! Everyone has a funny story about something that happened while they were moving. We just have lots of them. We’ve moved boxes full of creepy doll parts, and couches made out of 100% polished marble. Moving in the Twin Cities, you’ll run into all sorts of things.

Because of the special perspective moving gives us, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite stories. It’s hardly fair to keep all the good stuff to ourselves, right? Hopefully, reading some of the stories might also offer some valuable tips for your own upcoming moves.

College Muscle Movers doesn’t transport animals. Most moving companies don’t. However, that doesn’t mean the animals always follow the rules. The following is the story of the Too-Sneaky Cat.

Even napping, cats are sneaky.
Even napping, cats are sneaky.

Our movers arrived on a rainy spring day. Chilly, murky, wet— the works. It was a pretty simple move, just clearing out a small house and moving to a new one. The movers did a walk through and noticed a couple of cat-scratching posts strategically located around the house, but no sign of any cats. The customer assured them that the cat would be safely locked away in the bathroom for the duration of the move.

Anyway, everything started smoothly. The movers began with the boxes and some other furniture to clear a path to the bedrooms, and then things got a little hairy. After moving the mattress out, they noticed the box spring was a little heavy, but that happens. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes.

It wasn’t until they set down the boxspring in the truck that they heard the yowling and the sudden furious scratching, and the newly woken cat scratched it’s way out of the underside of the box spring and ran out of the truck. The cat promptly ran back to the house, getting absolutely covered in mud before racing up a nearby tree. The movers took a short break to help the owners get their cat down, and then it was locked securely in the bathroom again. The move continued, with only some muddy pawprints left as evidence of the original escape. Everything was fine! Although, if you’ve ever had to bathe a dirty, angry cat, you’ll sympathize with the owners.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: keep a close eye on your pets when you’re moving! Don’t give them an opportunity to run away. As stressful as it can be for you, it’s even more stressful for animals. They’re likely to be high-strung and anxious during a move, and keeping track of them will keep the moving process running as smoothly as possible. Plus, you can avoid the dubious pleasure of washing a muddy and unhappy pet.