Zooming In On CMM

Everyone moves at some point in their life, and moving can be very time-consuming and stressful. When you hire a moving service, you want to know for certain you’re putting your possessions in careful and capable hands. We want the same thing. Here at College Muscle Movers, we strive to provide the best possible service. That’s why we employ college athletes and recent graduates— they know the value of hard work, and they have the skills to work efficiently. This also allows us to build a team of movers that come from a lot of different backgrounds in different fields of study and sports: from football and math to psychology and climbing.

This month we’re talking with Senior Muscle Mover Alex Lucci.

Alex Lucci: the man, the myth, the legend.
Alex Lucci: the man, the myth, the legend.

Hi, Alex. You’ve been a Senior for a while now. When did you start working at CMM?

Started two years ago. I was trained in by Sherlock and Knutson. It was only a matter of time before I became a Senior. I definitely wanted the extra responsibility.

Well, it seems like you handle it well! Getting training from some of the more experienced movers must be helpful.

That’s one of the best things about the job, I think. The guys you work with make it worthwhile. That’s one of my favorite things about working here. There was this job I got put on right when I had just become a senior and I got put with some of the guys that had helped train me in. That’s really cool. It’s a great experience, working with the guys that train you, and after a while you’re helping to train younger guys.
Sort of a full-circle thing. What sort of advice might you have for any upcoming or aspiring movers? Any sort of unusual situations you’ve found yourself in while out on the job?

Once you’ve done a lot of moves, sometimes you have to trust your gut instinct.  For example, I was doing this move at a public storage complex, and we brought one of the trucks along. Anyway, there were no signs for the clearance in the building, but it looked pretty short to me. Like it definitely wasn’t going to fit. We went in to the office to talk with the manager about it. He wasn’t sure what the clearance was, but he told us again and again that it would definitely fit, that we should just drive in right under the gate. No dice. It definitely didn’t fit, although it was close, and the truck got a little stuck. Nothing was damaged, and everything was cool, but it definitely caused a little delay for the customer, which was frustrating. Long story short, I went back to that storage unit later, and they’d put up a clearance sign. But sometimes you learn to recognize things like that before they happen, and as a senior, it’s up to you to try to work through that stuff.

Trucks are tall.
Trucks are tall, no two ways about it.

Many thanks to Alex Lucci for taking the time to do this interview!