Is Moving Right For You?

Sometimes moving can be a difficult decision. How do you know if it’s a good choice to distance yourself from family or friends? For that matter, when is it worth leaving a good job to be closer to your loved ones? Life often throws us curveballs like this, and sometimes a second opinion can help make your decision easier.  As premier Twin Cities movers, College Muscle Movers helps people through a lot of different moves. If you’re questioning an upcoming move, we’re here to help!

The US offers a lot of different places to move to, at least.
The US offers a lot of different places to move to, at the very least.

Gauge Your Priorities

Our priorities in life change as we get older. When you’re moving, you’re often faced with choosing between jobs and family. Maybe you’re choosing between being close to friends and an irresistible real estate deal. There are a lot of different factors that can figure into where you choose to live. Taking care of aging parents or young children can also be major factors. Everyone is different. Whatever the case, make sure you know what your own priorities are. If you are having trouble determining what it is you want out of life, try making a list. You can just brainstorm and write down everything that comes to mind, then rank it all later and figure out what living location is the best fit.


Communicate With Your Loved Ones

Include your loved ones in your plans! It’s always good to have open lines of communication with friends and family, especially for a decision as momentous as a move. In romantic relationships, just make sure you are considering yourself in addition to your partner. It’s hard to make someone else happy if you aren’t happy yourself! Each of you should think carefully about the move before you jump in. Sometimes moving for another person can be a potentially toxic decision. If your relationship is important to you and moving will put a lot of stress about it, keep that in mind when you’re running through your list of priorities (as mentioned above.)


Temper Your Expectations

On the topic of romanticism, do your best to be realistic about moving. It’s easy to fantasize about how great your new home or apartment is going to be, or how moving will immediately turn your life around, but it doesn’t always work that way. Not to suck all the fun out, but even if you really love a new city, it’s going to have downsides. That’s inevitable. There will be traffic and stinky pollution and overpriced drinks. New York might be a fun and bustling city to visit, but that same bustle can be overwhelming for a lot of people who try to live there. As Twin Cities movers, we hear all sorts of expectations for new places.

The same realism should apply if you’re moving out into the country. It’s easy to imagine a sedate, quiet life out in the country. Thing is, it won’t seem quite so nice when the bears are knocking down your bird feeder or a storm knocks out power to your house for three days. There are advantages and disadvantages to every kind of living situation, and you’ll do yourself a disservice if you aren’t realistic about both sides of the coin.


All that being said, the Twin Cities are a great place to move. If you’re thinking about moving to Minnesota from afar, you’ll get your fill of natural beauty in the Twin Cities: rivers, hills, valleys, lakes. Plenty of snow. Give College Muscle Movers a call if you’re looking for help moving around the Twin Cities