Story of the Leftover Couch

According to the U.S Census Bureau, the average American will change residences about once every five years. The volatility of the housing market is easy to see in the Twin Cities: hardly a day seems to go by that a new apartment complex hasn’t sprouted up somewhere. It adds up to a lot of moves, and a lot of interesting stories: somehow, when you’re moving yourself, things don’t always go quite as expected.

Here at College Muscle Movers, we move a lot. In fact, we conduct multiple moves every single day of the week, with the exception of some holidays (everybody needs a break once in a while). That means we’ve acquired a lot of different stories over the years. We’ve moved priceless works of art and rare plants, and all sorts of unusual furniture. In fact, if it can be moved, we’ve probably moved it!

Because of our unique perspective within the moving business, we’ve gathered some of most interesting and intriguing stories. It just doesn’t feel right to keep all the good stuff to ourselves! Plus, hopefully hearing some of the stories will help you feel more comfortable or offer some valuable practical tips for your own future moves. This is the story of The Leftover Couch.

Good luck getting this baby down the stairs.
Good luck getting this baby down the stairs.

Sometimes when you move into a new home, the previous owners might ask if you’re interested in any of the furniture they don’t want to cart around themselves. You can end up owning some really cool stuff this way, as well as getting some great deals, but beware: there’s usually a reason the owners don’t want to move it. Sometimes, furniture is literally impossible to move out of a home. This is usually caused by remodeling. If a couch or bed or dresser just barely fit downstairs the first time, it’s not going to work well when you redo the stairs so that they are shallower and less steep.

In the story of The Leftover Couch, College Muscle Movers were hired to move a customer out of her fourth-floor condominium. It was a short move, and relatively quick, except for one thing: the couch. It was a gorgeous piece: rich red leather and brass trim. Heavy, deep, and long. Just the sort of furniture item you want to call professional movers for. There was just one problem.

The couch didn’t fit out the door. Not even close, in fact. The movers took the feet off, removed the cushions, shrunk it down with plastic wrap: no success. When the movers asked about how the couch had gotten in, the customer mentioned that the striking couch had come complimentary with the apartment, but she’d grown attached to it.

Uh-oh. Complimentary with the apartment? This was a definite red flag. How long had the customer been living in the condo? About 20 years. Had there been any remodeling done over those 20 years?

This was when the customer remembered the huge overhaul that had been done on the condo right before she moved in. The stairs themselves had been totally redone, such that they now doubled as drawers. Undeniably cool, but there was a lot less space than there had been originally.

Long story short, there was no way to get the couch out through the stairwell. However, we were able to arrange a trip back at a later date with specialized pulley equipment to hoist the couch out through the window and down from the fourth floor. Done.

This sort of thing isn’t terribly uncommon. If you’ve done any remodeling since moving into your home, let your movers know right away! If you’re feeling hesitant about whether a piece of furniture will fit through the door, measure it! That way, your movers can come equipped with the right tools and get the job done right away.

If you’re living in or around the Twin Cities and you have any questions about that sort of thing, give College Muscle Movers a call! We’re here to help.