Stories from the Field – The Ambulance

Here at CMM, we move a lot. We move sofas and beds and armoiries, but we also move weaver’s looms. We move fish tanks.  We move that old wind-up clock you got from Grandpa that had the false bottom with a half-empty bottle in it. There isn’t a lot, in fact, that we don’t move.

And when you move a lot, you end up with stories. Some horror, some humor. Some interesting, some just plain weird. All the names and any pertinent personal details have been changed. We thought it might be nice for those of you facing moves to get a little taste of some of the things we’ve dealt with in the past. It’s nice to know you’re not the only person who’s had obstacles arise while moving (misery loves company), and maybe these stories can help demonstrate why we try to ask some the questions we do when conducting an estimate! Before any move begins, a moving company gives an estimate on how long the move will take. The estimate is based entirely on information given over the phone— the inventory, the length of the carry, the distance between the origin and the destination, yadda yadda, the list goes on. But of course that doesn’t count for unusual situations. If you think your move might be unusual for any reason, be sure to tell us. Anyway, without further adieu, here’s the story of:

The Ambulance Move12StoriesfromtheField-TheAmbulance-1


Sometimes customers set up a move with a time limit. It could be for financial reasons, or perhaps it just wasn’t possible to take work off. In either case, it’s good for us to know about time limits ahead of time.

Last winter, we had a customer set up a move with our company. It sounded like a pretty standard job— boxes, a few chairs, a couch. Out of a two-bedroom house, the inventory amounted to a single room of furniture. The only catch was that the load needed be completed by noon. On the hour, and not a minute later.

The movers arrived promptly, and everything proceeded smoothly. The couch was wrapped, and the boxes were loaded up. Then, just as the movers were preparing to load the last pieces of furniture, a car pulled into the driveway. The customer’s husband had just come home for lunch. That was when the proverbial stuff hit the fan. It turned out that the husband and wife were right in the middle of divorce proceedings, and the husband had no idea that the wife was moving out. As you might imagine, he was shocked. So shocked, in fact, that he had a heart attack, sitting on the couch the movers had just wrapped up. 911 was called immediately, and the movers backed the truck out of the driveway so that the responders could bring the husband to the hospital. Then the customer had the movers finish up, bringing the couch and a couple leftover pieces of furniture out to the truck. They managed to finish the load before noon— the husband had just come home early.

After everything settled down, everyone ended up ok, but it was certainly a surprising situation. So if you think there might be any pertinent details we should know about your move that don’t get asked over the phone, feel free to tell us. We want to help, but we can’t unless we’re fully informed about your situation! Remember: surprises are best saved for birthday parties.