Zooming In On CMM: Phil Anderson

Here at CMM, we want to provide the best possible service. We want to make sure the people moving your stuff are strong, smart, and dedicated. That’s why we employ college athletes and recent graduates— they know the value of hard work.

We figured a quick interview session with some of them might help you get to know us a little better, so we’ll be running a series of these interviews. This time, we tracked down Phillip “Phil” Anderson.



So, Phil. Where are you from?

Edina, MN

And where did you go to school?

University of Wisconsin Stout

What did you study over there?

Business and Property Management.

When did you first start working at College Muscle Movers?

December of 2012, I think, although I haven’t worked here the whole time. I took time off to take some home inspection classes. After that, I worked on a ranch in Colorado for 6 months. That was an experience.

Wow. That sounds awesome. What sort of stuff did you do out there?

Oh, you know— cowboy stuff. Just took care of hundreds of horses. Riding, roping, hiking. Putting up fences. All that kind of stuff.  Most of the people working were around my age. A lot of adventurous types. It was a really great group, and I met a lot of interesting co-workers and guests.


Yeah, we helped with guests at the ranch, too. No celebrities, but there were a lot of very wealthy people. Again, interesting experience. A number of times I picked up guests from the private airport near us.

Well, it sounds like quite an adventure. It’s good to have you back here at CMM. Which brings up an interesting question— have you noticed any changes in the company since coming back?

There are a fair number of new faces, but also some familiar ones, which is nice. People still help each other out, and that helps foster a great environment. There’s a little something that’s different, too, but it’s hard to pin down. It feels a little more structured? Organized?

I’d actually agree with that. I think it makes sense for a young company. Things just keep getting tweaked, evolving one step at a time. Which brings us to our next question: you’ve seen some changes in the company, and done your fair share of moves. What do you think is the most interesting move you’ve ever done?

There was a move in St. Paul where we moved these massive LiteBrite boards, do you know what those are?

Uhhh. I don’t. (Didn’t, anyway. Check out Lite-Brites).

Basically we moved these giant glowing boards that were planted with colored pegs. It was for a giant mural in St. Paul, down at Union Depot. I think it’s in Guiness as the largest Lite-Brite display in the world. Anyway, the pieces of it were huge, almost too big to get in the truck, but we managed to figure it out. (Interviewer’s note: You can see the story on CBS.)

So what do you do when you’re not lifting couches or oversized art mural pieces?

Oh, you know, fishing, splitting wood. Wrestling bears. Taming wolves. That sort of thing.

Ok. Let’s finish off the interview with some word association. I’ll say a word, and you tell me the first thing that pops into your mind.













Jim Carrey

Lloyd Christmas



Thanks, Phil.

No problem.