Pros and Cons of Apartment Complexes

If you’ve driven around Minneapolis and St. Paul lately, you will have doubtless noticed the preponderance of new apartment complexes sprouting up out of the pavement. It seems like hardly a week goes before another vacant lot is dug up and filled with 4 floors of concrete. In 2014, a projected 1,300-plus units are expected to open in downtown Minneapolis alone. And that’s generally great news. In addition to higher-end housing, it’s likely to help make lower-end housing more affordable. It’ll also up the quality of housing options across the board.

For a moving company like us, it means that more Minneapolitans and St. Paulites will be living in apartments. In fact, you could be reading this from your cozy new apartment right now. Or maybe you’re planning on moving into one.

So let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of apartment complexes, from the perspective of movers. Moving isn’t exactly rocket science, but after you’ve been doing it for a long time, you learn a lot of little things that might not be so obvious at first. Hopefully we can help give you an idea of how moving into/out of an apartment works, and some insight into the thought process that goes into getting your stuff from Point A to Point B.



Off-street parking is a highly valued luxury in Minnesota. All it takes is one winter to convince most people of the benefits of being able to park in a ramp or garage. You don’t have to shovel, your car isn’t freezing cold for the first twenty minutes of your drive, and best of all, you can be sure you’ll have a place to park even when there aren’t any spots because half the streets in the city are closed for plowing snow.

Unfortunately, some apartment complexes are only conveniently accessed through the parking garage or ramp. This is usually only an issue if you happen to be driving a 26-foot truck.


Yeah, they're pretty big
Yeah, they’re pretty big

If your movers need to park on the street, then you can usually save a great deal of time by making sure you reserve space with the city, which you can do at the respective sites for Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you live in an apartment complex, be sure to talk them as soon as you know you’ll be moving and see if they can secure parking for you in advance. This saves a great deal of time.


Security Doors

Another benefit of some apartment complexes is the addition of multiple layers of locked doors. All those locks help keep you cozy and safe, but sometimes apartment managers can get a bit prickly if you try to prop the doors open. Or if you try to give your movers a way to open the doors. And that’s understandable. Security is important. But sometimes a big focus on security can end up slowing down your move a bit. Try to communicate with your apartment complex as early as possible to see if you can arrange a way to keep doors open for the movers.


These are commonplace in apartments. In fact, they’re pretty much the foundation that allows humanity to live in such unreasonably tall high-rise buildings. No one likes hoofing it up a million flights of stairs after a hard day of work.

The usual problem with elevators is usually one of two things: lots of people are using it or they’re really small. The elevator, that is, not the the people using it.

The good news is, most apartment complexes will allow you to reserve the elevator for a couple hours, which is usually enough time for us to get most of the stuff down to the truck. The earlier you talk to your apartment complex the better— this will help ensure that you don’t get stuck behind another tenant. Let us know if you can’t get an elevator reserved, and we’ll make sure to included that in our estimate. As for tiny elevators, we can always take it down the stairs if necessary! Stairs are one place CMM shines: college athletes are often well-practiced when it comes to running flights.

Hopefully we’ve dropped some new facts on you here. Apartments are cool. And remember, if you’re planning on moving into one of the metro area’s new complexes, feel free to give us a call!