How Does the Estimate Work?

The various steps of moving begin with an estimate. When you contact a moving company to help you move (or pack, if the whole process is beginning to overwhelm you), they will provide an approximate projection of how long it should take to complete the move.

The estimate takes a lot of different factors into consideration. When you set up your move, you’ll want to have a good handle on these factors, because that is the only information your moving company will have to help you plan!


The Inventory

At CMM, this  usually comes first. Do you happen to collect priceless Fabergé eggs? Are you the owner of a life-sized marble elephant statue? Owner of the largest vintage record collection in the world?

While you might never be asked these exact questions, it’s important for us to know what we’re moving. Particularly heavy items (fishtanks, certain pianos, gun safes) might require extra movers to help safely transport them.

The quantity of items also matters a great deal. As you might imagine, there is a world of difference between the times required to move a small studio apartment and a six bedroom house. Put simply: more stuff takes longer.


The Carry


Do you live in a large treehouse only accessible by ladder? Probably not. We can skip that one. But you  might live in an unusually busy neighborhood where a permit for parking applies. Or perhaps you live  dead in the center of a massive apartment complex, and it takes you almost 20 minutes to hoof it from  your place out to the parking lot.

The amount of time it takes to carry your items might be the most important question. Regardless of  weight or size of your items, it will still take movers a minimum amount of time to get from the truck to  your house or apartment. If the distance is far, it will take longer.

Some apartment complexes don’t have parking accessible by large trucks, which can also affect the carry  time.  Elevators can also affect the carry time, depending especially on whether they are reserved or  not.


Transit Time

This one is the easiest to figure out. Moving from Duluth to Minneapolis? Travel time of a little over two hours. Moving from St. Paul to Fairbault? A moving company can usually offer a pretty good guess that it’ll take an hour. If you’re moving from downtown during rush hour, though, we can adjust the projection accordingly.

And Don’t Forget…

No matter how carefully you plan a move, things can always go awry. It’s only an estimate. You might find that a couch doesn’t fit through the curiously narrow doorways of your new home. Or perhaps the elevators up to your fifty-seventh floor apartment break down. Maybe when you’re packing up, you find that for some reason you just keep finding closets that are chock full of things. At the last minute, you remember that old attic in the garage.

The estimate is just that, an estimate, but here at CMM we’ve found it’s quite possible to offer a good idea of the time it’ll take to get you moved.

If you’re curious, just give us a shout!