Keep On Truckin’

(A Brief Guide to Your Options Regarding Trucks)

Finally, after countless hours of careful planning, you’ve just marked it down on your calendar. The date is set. You’re moving. Congratulations! You’re about to enter an exciting new phase of your life. Chances are, you’re going to need a truck.truck-300x242
Here at College Muscle Movers, our most popular option is a Muscle + Truck service. Just tell us the date and Muscle Movers will arrive in one of our 26’ trucks, ready to help you move.

If your new home is located far from Minnesota, you might be planning on renting a truck from a large national rental company. If this is the case, consider hiring our labor only service to help pack up your items.

In any case, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with the various options offered by companies that offer long-distance moving. The most common choices are either renting a truck to drive yourself, or renting space on a freight truck and retrieving the items at their eventual destination.


1. Drive Yourself

Penske and U-haul both offer trucks ranging in size from 12 ft. to 26 ft., depending on how plentiful your worldly belongings are. The differences between the two companies are minimal, but there are a couple.

U-haul advertises a truck that is “50% easier to load”, but the lower bed means you’re more likely to bottom out when you are driving over steep inclines, which isn’t too fun if you aren’t using to driving a large truck.

Another difference between U-haul and Penske trucks is caused by the lowering of the bed in U-haul design. The lower bed causes a protrusion in the back of the truck, over the wheels, which can make it more difficult to pack large items into your truck, especially if you have quite a few of them (couches, overstuffed chairs, armoires, etc.)

Additionally, U-haul trucks don’t come equipped with liftgates, which means you will be forced to use the narrow walking ramp. If you have any specialty items (unusually large armoires, sculptures, etc.) you may find that a liftgate is necessary to safely get the item into the back of the truck.


2. Let Someone Else Drive


Beyond the smaller trucks, you can pay for space aboard a freight line, such as ABF U-Pack.

These are the semi-trucks you see driving around on the highway, carrying large trailers and cargo crates. For these services, you will rent out a set amount of space, the cost being determined either by weight or square footage used. Using a freight line will maximize the potential space you have available to pack belongings, but this is balanced by one major disadvantage.

The people driving your freight truck might not be aware of the exact items that they are transporting. Usually the area you have rented will be closed off after you are finished packing, and more freight will be added on at further destinations. This means that you don’t have control over the other items being loaded with your personal belongings. It’s highly unlikely to happen, but if the additional loads include lice or fleas, you’re out of luck. For better or worse, there is simply less control when choosing freight.

Another related option is a container packing service, such as PODS or United Mayflower. These will drop off a container for you to fill, and then take it away. Containers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 7 to 16 feet.

Anyway, we hope this might help shed some light on the plethora of available options when you choose to move. And remember, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!