How to Load a Moving Truck

The College Muscle Movers are always ready to help you load up your moving truck… even if you haven’t hired us!

If you’re loading on your own, we’ve got some tips that can help you make the most of the limited space you have in your truck. It only takes a little bit of planning and organizing to safely and securely get as much stuff as possible in there. So let’s get started.

1. Big and Heavy First

It’s not easy to move the big and heavy stuff, so put it in first so you can set it down exactly where you want without any rearranging.

We’re talking major appliances here: fridge, oven, washing machine, that kind of thing. They’ll have a better chance of making the trip safely if you set them down upright, and you’ll find driving easier if you place the heavy weight of them way at the back of the truck, near the cab. That will reduce the chance of fishtailing from poorly distributed weight.

2. Send in the Softness

You’re going to want to keep those big heavy appliances safe, and you’ll want to keep all your more delicate items safe from those big bruisers.

So now is a good time to load in your blankets, mattresses, pillows, towels, and cushions. Place them strategically between and around those big heavy items and you’ve got a nice soft buffer to protect your next load…

3. Furniture

Start with your longer pieces of furniture: couches, sofas, wardrobes, bookshelves, and bed frames. You can use these to line the sides of the moving truck. Place them with any drawers facing the walls of the van to prevent them from opening and falling out.

4. Box It Up

Now’s the time to load in all those boxes into that nice space you’ve created between the appliances at the back and the lengthwise furniture on the sides.

You should be able to fit three layers in there. Put your heaviest boxes at the bottom, the lightest boxes on top, and the ‘just-right’ boxes in between. This is much easier if you happen to have used boxes of the same size.

5. Tetris Time

What’s left? Everything else! Now’s the time to put miscellaneous small and medium-sized objects in all the little spaces left over. Keep it tight, but don’t not to the point of cramming anything.

Use extra cushioning where necessary to protect delicate objects and soften any sharp corners. It’s especially important to keep these smaller items secure and prevent loose items from rolling around.


Keep in mind that you’ll need to adjust these strategies a little depending on the size of the truck and the amount of stuff you have to put in it.

If you’ve got a big truck and not much to put in it, you’ll want to spread items out more to fill up the floor so that there isn’t room for boxes and furniture to shift and slide around.

Lots of stuff and not much room in the truck? It’s okay to pack high, but it takes a lot more care. Consider whether you’d be better off making a second trip, especially if you aren’t moving too far.


Okay, you’re loaded up and ready to roll to your new home! But if you need an extra hand, you can always give the College Muscle Movers of Minneapolis a call.


Image Source: Flickr