Stressed About Moving? Try These Tips

Are you stressed about moving? Most people are; it takes a lot of planning and effort to move your life across country or even across town.

But we’re not talking about just the stress of physically moving all your possessions to a new location. There’s lots of help you can get for handling those tasks—professional movers, for instance. Dealing with the personal stress that comes with so much change isn’t something a mover can take care of for you. But we can at least give you some helpful moving tips.

It will take a healthy perspective and some personal effort to deal with a major life event like moving. Try these activities to get started on the right track.

Reach Out To Your New Neighbors

Even if you’re just moving a few miles away, you’ll probably find that it’s a little harder to hang out with your usual friends. Everyone you’re used to spending time with is just a bit further away, and your own schedule might be changing as you settle into your new surroundings too.

So put some real energy into making new friends. Besides saying hello to your immediate neighbors, look for local events or organizations you can get involved in. Try a yoga class at that place down on the corner, keep an eye out for casual sports teams at the local park, and go ahead and attend some community organizations—even if you don’t become a regular member, you’ll get to know a few faces that you’ll likely be seeing more of in your new neighborhood.

…And Don’t Forget Your Old Friends, Too

Sure, the distance will have some effect on your old friendships, but they won’t just disappear. Keep in touch and look for chances to hang out even if it’s not as convenient as it was before.

Even before you move, make sure you’re taking the time to enjoy your local buddies and let them know how you’re feeling. It’s not always easy to talk about the stress you’re feeling about a move, but it’s very healthy and your old friends are the best people to talk to. Just sharing stories about previous moves you or they have made can be comforting, and they might even have some insight about your new neighborhood if they’ve lived in town for a while.

Think Positive

Obvious, right? It’s a real cliché, but it’s still good advice: think positive. It’s entirely possible that you aren’t thrilled about the decision to move—maybe you just went through a breakup or don’t love where your job’s transferred you to. But since you are moving, focus on the positive and look for any opportunity to get excited.

On the other hand, don’t take it too far and assume that your move is going to be wonderful in every way. Expect some disappointments, but breeze on past them to the next positive point you can focus on. Maybe the view from your new apartment isn’t so great, but hey, it’s got a garbage disposal and your old place didn’t. That’s pretty cool.

Well, it’s kind of cool, anyway.


Explore Your New Neighborhood

One of the best ways to get excited about your move is to really explore your new neighborhood. Go ahead, walk around and get a little lost, take note of all the interesting shops and restaurants you stumble onto. When it’s time to go grocery shopping, really give yourself the time to explore the new store and see if you can find some new items to try that your old store didn’t carry.

Go a little outside of your comfort zone for this one. Maybe the local community center isn’t the kind of place you’d normally hang out, but go ahead and check it out at least once just to see what kind of things are happening around you.

Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Relax

Okay, this might be even MORE obvious than thinking positive, but it’s amazing how often people forget the importance of giving yourself space and time to adjust.

Sure, moving and unpacking is going to keep you busy, but don’t let your schedule rule your life. Take time to settle in. Make a nice meal instead of settling for quick junk food. Get those full eight hours of sleep every night. Take the family out for a movie.

What it boils down to is making sure that you don’t let moving take over your life any more than it has to. There’s a lot more to the process than filling and emptying boxes.


Of course filling and emptying boxes is important too, and the College Muscle Movers can help with that. Give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can take away as much of the stress as possible.


Image Credit: CAPL