What to Wear When You Move – Shoes, Shirts and More

Packing up your stuff is a big challenge in moving, but it gets easier if you pack up your body properly first. You’ll be moving big heavy objects through awkward spaces, so you want to be able to maneuver gracefully while staying protected.

The College Muscle Movers have some experience in this area—we know how to dress for the job, and we’ve done enough moves to see some of our clients challenged by less-than-ideal fashion choices (just say no to high heels!). Here’s some tips for choosing a moving outfit.


The name of the game is comfort—now’s not the time to break in a new pair of skinny jeans.

Regular jeans or workout pants and a simple t-shirt should be all you need (avoid skirts or dresses), just be sure you can comfortably bend your knees. You’ll also want to avoid clothes that are too baggy because you don’t want to get snagged with your hands full.

Also, remember to choose clothes you don’t mind getting damaged. Tears and stains can happen, so expect them.

One other tip: You’ll thank yourself for choosing clothes with deep pockets that you can use to hold not only your usual gear, but also items that can come in handy during moving like screwdrivers for breaking down furniture.


If you’ve got long hair, forget styling to impress your new neighbors and just tie it back. Just like loose clothes, loose hair can snag at the worst of times, or fall in your face when you’re trying to navigate a tricky corner.


There’s no harder-working part of your moving wardrobe than your shoes. Here’s a rundown on your options and the advantages of each.

High-Top Sneakers

It’s hard to beat a solid pair of high-top sneakers for moving: Traction, flexibility, ankle support and protection, they’ve got it all. The shallow treads also mean that you won’t track as much mud, slush and dirt around as you move.

You can't beat these classic kicks.
You can’t beat these classic kicks.

Low-Cut Sneakers

High-Tops are the clear winners, but if your shoe closet only has low-cuts, you’re still in good shape. Take a little more care with your unshielded ankles and avoid stairs and you should be fine.

Work Boots

Work boots seem like the obvious choice, but they’re really more than you need for most moves. Because they’re stiffer for extra protection, they’re a little harder to twist around or move quickly in. The deeper treads are also more likely to track in gunk from outside. But if for some reason you’re moving across tough terrain and you need the extra grip, they’re a good choice—but usually not necessary.

Flip-Flops, Sandals and Crocs

Earlier we joked about moving in high heels, but you might be surprised to hear that some people really do try to move heavy boxes while wearing flip flops.

We strongly advise against this. Moving can involve complex motions like moving backwards down stairs, and flip flops just love to slip out from under you in these situations. It’s too easy to injure yourself or drop your precious possessions.


Of course if you do want to make fashion a priority, the solution’s simple: Just call the College Muscle Movers of Minneapolis and you can dress however you like while we take care of the heavy lifting.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons