Five Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Here at the College Muscle Movers blog, we usually talk about the RIGHT way to pack and move. But not everybody is a perfectionist. We understand that.

So go ahead, pack the way you want—but whatever you do, you’re going to have a better time if you avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #1: Another Day, Another Property

It’s common for people to aim to save money by ensuring they only pay rent on one property at a time—move all your stuff out of the old place on Friday, move it all in to the new place on Saturday.

Sure, you’ll save a little cash, but it’s usually worth the extra expense to have more time and less pressure to get your move finished. This is especially true for large moves or moves during cold weather (plenty of that in Minnesota) that might bump your schedule around—you’ll be glad to have two bases to work from.

Mistake #2: Too Much Stuff

This is a classic mistake: Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean every single item in your home or office should come with you.

Be merciless in getting rid of stuff that you haven’t used in ages. Donate what you can, trash what you can’t. Are you ever going to read that shelf of old paperbacks again? Is it really worth complicating your move by packing up perishable food items? (By the way, you can plan ahead to make sure you run out of food just as you move—no waste, no hassle.)

You probably don’t need to bring all of them with you, right? Image Credit: Flickr


Mistake #3: Last-Minute Packing

The sooner you start packing, the less stress you’ll have and the better job you’ll do of organizing those boxes.

Weeks ahead of time, you should choose a part of your home or office to start packing and stacking boxes. You won’t be in a rush, and you’ll be able to intelligently choose which items should go in which boxes. Speaking of boxes…

Mistake #4: Heavy, Heavy Boxes

The College Muscle Movers can handle heavy boxes, no problem. But if you’re going to be hauling any yourself, even just from one room to another, you want to distribute the weight evenly.

It’s convenient to put all your books in one box, but that’s going to be one seriously heavy box. Try splitting your library and mixing it in with lighter contents in other boxes.

Mistake #5: What’s in the Mystery Box?

Labelling all your boxes can be a hassle. But trust us, the bigger hassle is not bothering to label them and spending hours digging around for the things you need once you arrive at your new property.

We’ve suggested a few schemes that can help you make the most out of labelling boxes, but you don’t have to get fancy with a floor plan and coding scheme. Just a couple of clear words in black marker will save you big headaches later on.


If you avoid these mistakes—and remember to lift with your knees!—you may not have the perfect move, but you won’t have a disaster on your hands either.

And if you DO want the perfect move, just give the College Muscle Movers a call!