5 Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

Welcome to the Polar Vortex—that’s what we’re calling this year’s winter storm, but it’s really nothing new to any of our readers living in and around Minneapolis. We get tough weather every year, and here at College Muscle Movers, we’ve got plenty of experience in getting out and working in those below-freezing temperatures.

It’s never ideal to move during winter weather, and if you’ve got a choice, it’s definitely worth waiting it out—but odds are you don’t have a choice. Here are some tips to help you deal with a cold weather move.

1. Clear Walkways Ahead of Time

If you’re moving between locations in and around Minneapolis, you’ll want to take some time the day before the move to visit your new home and clear any walkways and parking areas. Shovel that snow and throw down some salt to clear out the ice.

You’ll be moving a lot of boxes in tough weather, and you don’t want anything getting in your way or making you slip, so make sure to do the same for your old home before you start loading up boxes.

2. Get Your Utilities Turned On

If you’re moving to a home that has been unoccupied for some time, you may want to make sure that your utilities are turned on and ready to start pumping out the heat by the time you arrive.

You can combine this tip with clearing walkways: when you leave the new house, go ahead and get the heat started so you’ll have a warm shelter when you do the serious work the next day.

3. Prepare Hot Drinks

Whether it’s coffee, cocoa, or soup, you’ll be glad you filled up a thermos ahead of time. Of course, the College Muscle Movers always come prepared, but if you’ve got friends or family helping out, they’ll really appreciate if you make enough to share.

4. Pack Sensitive Items With Extra Care

Some items are especially sensitive to cold, and you should plan ahead to make sure they’re as safe as possible by giving them additional insulation. Almost any kind of electronics should be carefully protected, and many solid wood objects can warp in extreme cold.

5. Be Prepared for Emergencies

It's going to be tough out there. Be ready for anything.   Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
It’s going to be tough out there. Be ready for anything. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We know you wouldn’t be moving in winter if you didn’t have to, but at least you can prepare for the worst. Be ready for anything that might go wrong: Get your car serviced and bring along the usual winter gear like a small shovel and a bag of sand for getting unstock.

Plan your route ahead of time. Especially if you’re driving a large moving truck, you’ll want to make sure you know which roads are most likely to be clear and safe.

Finally, make sure you have a list of emergency contacts you can call for roadside assistance and to let folks know if winter conditions will delay your arrival.


Good luck. Moving in winter may not be fun, but we hope this helps you make it as safe and simple as possible.