Pro Tips to Make Your Move Easier

So far in the College Muscle Movers blog, we’ve covered a lot of common moving issues in-depth.

Today, we’d like to share some of our favorite quick tips that will help with any move—you can get the job done faster and better if you follow these tips. So here we go: A collection of best practices for packing and moving.

Choose What You Move

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of extra stuff you don’t need anymore. You’ll be putting your eyes on everything you own as you sort it into boxes, so take the time to ask yourself: When was the last time I used this? And will I ever use it again?

Old clothes are easy candidates for this, and it’s a nice feeling to pass them on to your local Goodwill. But you may discover all kinds of items you forgot you even owned. Don’t bother packing up and moving all that extra baggage! It’ll just take more time and money and all you’ll get in return is a cluttered new home.

Spread Out Your Packing Time

Start packing early—we’re talking two or three months ahead of time—and you’ll find that packing is a lot less stressful.

That's a lot of boxes--but you don't need to fill them up all at once. Image Credit: Flickr
That’s a lot of boxes–but you don’t need to fill them up all at once.
Image Credit: Flickr

Moving an entire household is a real chore, but it’s not so bad if you set a goal of packing just a few boxes a week. You can start with the obvious items you know you won’t need any time soon, like decorative items, seasonal clothing, and holiday gear.

Not only does this make moving easier, you’ll also find that the extra time makes you more likely to be careful about how you organize as you pack—so let’s talk about how you can organize better when the pressure’s off.

Better Strategies for Labeling Boxes

You probably already know how important it is to label your boxes when you move. Here are a few specific strategies to try that should get you better results than just scrawling “Kitchen” on the top.

First, you should always set aside a few boxes for stuff you’ll need right away—enough kitchen gear to make a few simple meals, a few days’ worth of clothes, your bathroom necessities, and any paperwork you’ll need to refer to.

For all the rest of those boxes, here’s an idea that will help you and any movers you hire get all the boxes where they should be: Draw up a simple floor plan of your new home, and label each room with a letter—for example, “L” for living room, “K” for kitchen, and so on.

Now you’ve got a simple code you can use to quickly label and identify your boxes. It’s a good idea to add a few other notes to the box too, like “K – Utensils” or “L – DVDs”, but the important thing is that this will really streamline that initial process of getting everything out of the truck and into the right room.

With big, easy-to-read symbols quickly written on your boxes (it’s so easy you might as well label every side for quick identification), and a simple map to guide your family and your movers, you’ll save time on both packing and unpacking.

 Need More Help? Call in the Muscle

We hope these tips help you make your move smoothly and get started off on the right foot in your new home. If you’re in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we’d love to take care of all the details: Just give the College Muscle Movers a call at 1-800-818-8449 and we’ll tell you more about what we can do for you.