When is the Best Time to Move in Minnesota?

If you’re able to plan ahead and choose the day and month of your move, there are a few things worth knowing that will help you pick the best time possible for less hassle and lower rates.

Choosing the Best Day to Move

There are some rules that almost always hold true year-round: Weekends are always busier for movers, and so is the first of the month when leases end and renters are looking to make a quick move.

If you’re able to choose the day you move out, you may find that avoiding those days will give you a better chance of getting all the reservations you need on short notice.

Choosing the Best Month to Move

If you’re able to plan ahead, it’s true that many services and supplies can be cheaper during some times of the year, and more expensive during the busy seasons.

For most moving companies, the months of May to September are often the busiest.

The most activity of the year usually occurs during late May and early June, when a long Memorial Day weekend combines with the graduation season during a period of pleasant weather. If you can avoid it, you’ll want to choose another time to move.

Of course in Minnesota, weather is also a serious consideration. You may not have much competition for a moving truck in deep winter, but you probably don’t want to risk a sudden snowstorm.

Planning for Long-Term Storage

If your move involves delivering some of your possessions to long-term storage, that may be an important factor in your decision.

The months of May to September are also the busiest seasons for storage unit rentals, and rates tend to increase accordingly.

However, many storage units allow renters to lock in rates for the long term. This means that if you are able to begin your storage during a quieter month such as November, rather than a more expensive month like January, you can make quite a savings in rental fees.

You can read much more on the subject at SelfStorage.com’s very detailed write-up on how moving seasons affect the price of rental units in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We’re Here to Help

We hope this guide helps you choose the best day to move, but if you do need to call College Muscle Movers even on the busiest days of the year, we’ll do our best to get you and your stuff where you need to go.

At least it won't be as busy as Moving Day in 19th century New York City.
At least it won’t be as busy as Moving Day in 19th century New York City.