Why Should You Care About Your Minneapolis Movers?

Moving should be a simple process. It SHOULD go exactly like this:

1. You Put Your Stuff in Boxes

2. You Call A Moving Company

3. You Tell Them What To Move

4. You Leave a Forwarding Address

5. You Get Your Stuff At Your New Location

6. You Throw An Amazing Housewarming Party


Sounds good. And that’s the process we try to give you at College Muscle Movers. Heck, we can even cut out Step #1 for you with our packing service.

But we’re not the only movers in town, and you might be tempted to shop around. You should! We think you’ll find our rates competitive and our service outstanding, but if you’re looking for other options, just know that not all movers are equal.

Here are some extra steps that careful and trustworthy movers will take when they truly care about providing excellent service:

1. Making An On-Site Estimate

For larger projects like commercial moving, serious movers will visit to provide you with an accurate estimate for your specific needs. If you get a price for a major project without an on-site visit, it’s probably not a price you can trust.

2. Providing A Quote You Can Believe In

Can you find a cheaper mover than us? It’s possible. Can you find a MUCH cheaper mover than us? Probably not. If you get a much lower quote, you need to make sure it’s coming from a reputable business. There really are individuals and companies that will offer low bids but then raise their prices once they have loaded up your possessions.

3. Helping You Know Your Salesperson

Whether it’s the person you first contact on the phone or the estimator who names a price to you, one of your mover’s employees who are close to the sales process should be approachable and available to deal with any issues that come up. Do you need an extra hour to prepare for your movers to arrive? Do you want to know exactly how your most valuable and fragile possessions will be packed? Whatever it is you need, a serious moving company will make sure you know who to talk to and how to get in touch with them.

4. Being An AMSA Member




The AMSA is the American Moving & Storage Association. It’s a non-profit that certifies movers of all kinds, from residential movers who help you move from Uptown to Downtown, to interstate shippers that transfer the contents of entire warehouses across state lines. Along with approval from the famous Better Business Bureau (BBB), being a member of the AMSA is the very minimum you should look for in a moving company that truly exists to make customers happy instead of take advantage of them. Make sure any move you choose is endorsed by both the AMSA and the BBB.

Want To Know More?

Go ahead, get in touch with us at 1-800-818-8449, and we’ll be happy to talk to you personally about just why you should care about what makes us special.


Image Source: Flickr