The Muscle Mover Difference

The largest factor that makes College Muscle Movers better than our competitors is the quality of our Muscle Movers. First and foremost, we fully train and prepare our Muscle Movers before they ever go out on a job, and continue that training over the course of their time with us, to ensure that they provide the highest level of care for your items. We structure our Muscle Mover teams to include an on-site manager who has experience in several hundred moves as a Muscle Mover. We review all of our movers’ performance regularly and provide feedback to further improve their skills.

Fact: the average American only moves between 10 – 11 times in their lifetime!

Besides technical training, we also focus on helping our Muscle Movers to gain experience that will be useful to them throughout their lives and into their careers. We provide a targeted focus on customer service, communication, teamwork and confidence. By focusing on these life skills, our Muscle Movers are dedicated to providing a professional, pleasant & efficient moving experience for our customers.

If you have used our service in the past, what kinds of things did you appreciate about the experience? What would you have us do differently? Every day we strive to make our customers happy, help us to do that by providing us with your feedback!