Preparing For Your Move

You’ve decided to hire a moving company but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? While our Muscle Movers are far and away the hardest-working and most efficient movers out there, the amount of time it takes to complete your service ultimately comes down to… you.  Since we (and almost all local movers) charge by the hour, the best thing you can do to save money on your move is to prepare effectively. Here are some hints to lower the cost of your service:

  • PURGE!
    • The time to get rid of unwanted stuff is before moving day. It may seem pretty obvious, but the more you are able to sort and purge, the less the movers have to haul, and the less time the service will take.
    • Many times people do not really know how much they have before they begin packing up. If you find yourself wondering how you accumulated so much, take a few hours to decide what you really want to bring to your new home, and what might be donated/thrown out.
  • PACK!
    • Most people thing that larger furniture items are the main focus of the move. While this is true, a lot of the time the items that take the longest to move are the smaller miscellaneous items and boxes without closed tops. Therefore, by making sure your items are packed efficiently for moving can dramatically reduce the cost of the service.
    • When packing items in boxes, label them on at least 2 sides with what is inside. This allows you and the movers to quickly identify where in the home the box should go, instead of having to ask about each and every box.
    • Do your best to pack everything into boxes. Loose or miscellaneous smaller items add an incredible amount of time to a moving service (and are the chief reason for moving estimates being inaccurate). Every item not boxed equals another trip to and from the truck and the time quickly adds up! It may not be initially apparent, but by packing well you are saving yourself a lot of money and hassle.
    • Most people have at least a handful of items that require disassembly in order to transport them. If you can allow the movers to focus on moving your items, rather than taking them apart and putting them back together, you will shorten the service.
    • We are always more than willing to help with disassembly/reassembly, it does add a fair amount of time though so if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck this is one area that can really save time!


We hope these ideas are helpful! What are some things that you have done during your past moves that have seemed to make things easier or saved time?

The Muscle Mover Difference

The largest factor that makes College Muscle Movers better than our competitors is the quality of our Muscle Movers. First and foremost, we fully train and prepare our Muscle Movers before they ever go out on a job, and continue that training over the course of their time with us, to ensure that they provide the highest level of care for your items. We structure our Muscle Mover teams to include an on-site manager who has experience in several hundred moves as a Muscle Mover. We review all of our movers’ performance regularly and provide feedback to further improve their skills.

Fact: the average American only moves between 10 – 11 times in their lifetime!

Besides technical training, we also focus on helping our Muscle Movers to gain experience that will be useful to them throughout their lives and into their careers. We provide a targeted focus on customer service, communication, teamwork and confidence. By focusing on these life skills, our Muscle Movers are dedicated to providing a professional, pleasant & efficient moving experience for our customers.

If you have used our service in the past, what kinds of things did you appreciate about the experience? What would you have us do differently? Every day we strive to make our customers happy, help us to do that by providing us with your feedback!

Make Your Twin Cities Move Easier with Muscle Boxes!

One of the main reasons people hire a moving company is to ease that inevitable stress which comes from relocating. There are things that the moving company just can’t help with, though. Obtaining and discarding boxes is one of those annoying chores that just always seems to hang around – until now…

Meet the Muscle Box: a strong, reusable, heavy-duty plastic tote that we deliver and pick up – all for the same or LESS cost as traditional cardboard!


• Time/Money Saver

  • Remember the old saying ‘Time is Money’? Instead of taking the time to drive all around the Twin Cities looking for enough old boxes for your belongings, let CMM deliver and enough Muscle Boxes for your move. The transportation cost is built in to the rental price, all for the same or less price as medium cardboard boxes (hint: more quantity = less $/box). Bundles including delivery within 15 miles start at 25 Muscle Boxes.
  • Muscle Boxes also save you time while you are packing your belongings. Rather than assembling and taping each box individually (only to be cut apart later), Muscle Boxes stack inside of each other so they do not take up a large area in your house and you can just pull a box off the top of the stack, fill it with your items, close the lid and stack it neatly until the Muscle Movers arrive.
  • Because Muscle Boxes are designed to stack and nest uniformly, we can fit more on each dolly load and can pack the truck much easier which ultimately saves time on the hourly rate charged for local moves.


  • Rather than spending time breaking boxes down and disposing of them, just call CMM to schedule a time to pick them up – we can usually accommodate short notice pick-ups so we can get them out of your way to enjoy your new place!

• Strength and Durability

  • Because the Muscle Boxes are constructed from heavy-duty plastic, they can stand up to the elements of snow or rain without falling apart and ruining the contents inside. They are very rigid and that hard shell adds additional protection to your items inside. They also have strong handles, making them easier to pick up than a standard box without handles.

Rental Details:

  • All rental packages include 1 month of rental time in the pricing and that can be arranged however you like. Most of our customers like a week or two to pack and another week or two to unpack but it is up to each individual and their needs.
  • We can pick the Muscle Boxes up early if you want your space back sooner. We can also extend rentals by the week after the one-month rental has finished. Many of our customer’s enjoy the time limit of a month as it helps them pack and unpack at a pace that is convenient for them

We truly believe that our Muscle Boxes will make for a smooth and efficient moving experience for you. Call today for more details!